The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

The Great Rebuild
Between Ages (1st and 2nd)
The Fall of the Aqium Empire
4th Era - Session #38

As Corvus Septum waited for the inevitable call to launch the Aqium Invasion, they got reports back from their agents:

Liberate Matrica – The coastal city of Matrica is still under control of Aqium forces. The walled city is now surrounded by Decius forces and they are about to launch a long and deadly attack to reclaim the city. An agent might be able to slip into the city and sabotage Aqium to make the attack go much easier and possibly save lives in the long run.


Result: Bliss was able to slip into the city and perhaps as an indicator of the upcoming war, she was able to dismantle much of the defenses on the walled city. Less than a week later the Decius Army raised their banner in the lost city.

Recruit Allies – We will need every asset available at our disposal when the invasion begins. A skilled agent would need to meet with the leadership of the four kingdoms to recruit them fully to the cause, maximizing troops, ships, supplies and other resources to the fight.


Result: Difference were set aside and all of Decius is united in the Invasion of Aqium. Stath was a key negotiator in bringing in troops and supplies from all contacts

Pillar Mapping – While this has been placed on the back burner recently, we do see a potential opportunity for an agent to map some of the destinations out and possibly discover an ideal location where we could send troops into Aqium behind enemy lines during the upcoming invasion. An agent would need access to the Great Jewel of the Pillar that you possess.


Result: Lar has made great progress on this endeavor, but was not prepared for the magnitude involved. While he estimates it will take at least a year to map them all out, he has found a handful of safe locations within Aqium where they can get a decent amount of troops embedded in the kingdom for the invasion.

Reclaim Zatha – The Legion of Aqium has suffered several setbacks of late and the time to continue to push them off Decius is now. We believe that a small task force could sweep in and liberate the coastal city of Zatha. This would give Anavio (just north of Zatha) access to the sea and could assist them in our upcoming invasion of Aqium.


Result: The Aqium forces were deeply entrenched in Zatha which made things difficult for the Stormshields. However, they were able to corner them inside the walled keep in the city, enough so that the Anavio army could sail down river and get out to sea for the Aqium Invasion.

The wait was up. Ships have been loaded, soldiers embarked, and plans were finalized. The Generals set sail in their armada of ships with the continent of Aqium in their sights. Nothing will stop them until Astriminar lies dead at their feet.

War starts


Visits from all of the NPCs and their gifts

Jordan and Wil Struggled
Lou and caleb worked together
MF suffered setbacks at first, excelled later
Blaine and Brick crossed paths several times


Different warforged types, Rigel gets his last message









The End of the Red Sisters
4th Era - Session #37

Corvus Septum returned to Treyopolis from dealing with the Cult of the Dragon, and met with Chancellor Gavin to discuss their next move. Gavin explained how all of the known threats instigated by Astriminar in Decius has been put down, and that the land invasion of Aqium would commence soon.

The subject of the report from Bliss came up and she was following up on a rumor that the Shields of Autumn traveled to the Thornhill Forest in search of the Warrior of the Woods. When she got there more reports came in of necromancers and undead in the area, from the group’s old rival, the Red Sisters.

Gavin shook his head, Every able bodied person is going to be off fighting in Aqium soon, we need to end this threat before then, otherwise Decius would be vulnerable to an attack.

The group boarded the Sentinel and flew into the Aqium controlled lands that was the Dolaneg Kingdom years ago. They found it lightly defended, the toll of war was heavy on the Legion of Aqium. Corvus knew, however, that the best way to win this was the cut off the head of Aqium, and all the limbs (controlled areas) would soon fall after that.

The Sentinel descended at the edge of the forest where they found a camp in disarray. Triage units ran around, wounded were tended to, guards staked out the perimeter. Corvus met with Ohra SIlverleaf, the temporary leader of the Shields of Autumn. She was able to explain the situation.

We were attacked in the middle of the night by a slew of undead and members of the Red Sisters. When one of our shields fell, they rose they as undead servants to fight for their cause. It was a horrible and costly attack, and we are still trying to sort out the situation.

Burpuller helped with the wounded as much as he could and after things settled down a bit, the group had more time to talk to Ohra.

Our guiding light, is one that does not speak to us, the Warrior of the Woods. We have sought him out for years, only to just miss him. He is a mysterious figure, but we do believe in him. For reasons I won’t get into (complicated) we believe that his actions would lead him here, so many of us traveled into Aqium lands to this spot.

The Warrior of the Woods, in a way, led us here to face our greatest challenge, to nature and to life in the world.

The Red Sisters represent all that we oppose, indifference to nature and disregard for life. This is what why we exist.

However, many of our followers are too enthusiastic about the situation and have blindly run into the woods to find the Warrior of the Woods and fight beside him. They were unprepared for what evils lie in the forest. We assume all of them are lost. Those of us here at our base camp were in the process of devising a plan, a well thought out plan, to systematically march into the forest and deal with this threat.

Unfortunately, we were attacked last night, and we have suffered a severe set back. I feel as though we let the Warrior of the Woods down, we believe he is still alive, fighting for his life and this cause, in the forest all by himself.

After a night of rest, the heroes entered the Thornhill Forest. The Red Sisters dominated forest was a harrowing experience. The heroes had to fight through waves of undead, some recently raised members of the Shields of Autumn, others controlled by necromancers.

Finally, they fought their way to the Red Sisters Hideout.


Sister Merna threw up a Blade Barrier to hinder the heroes from entering the front door. Evaine shrugged her shoulders and just teleported everyone passed it to the front door. From here they began their push inside.


At some point Brodus got Banished so the defenders didn’t have to deal with 150 HPs of raging minotaur. During the fight, Burpuller and Rigel contracted Darakhul Fever.

While searching the bodies, Rigel received another message from either the other warforged and/or the Great Wizard who pleads with him to join the struggle to help restore his people.

Next, the heroes came to a room full of random teleportation spots, and piles of bones that assembled into skeletal archers. Brodus made it to the opposite side once and was confused by a elaborate set of arcane dials and levers. He tried to shut it off but ended up at square one.

Brenna saved the day by flying across in raven form and successfully making the arcane check to deactivate the trap.


This next area gave the heroes some idea of the origin of these ruins. This was dedicated to Ao the Guardian, along the walls were drawing of the community here growing and eventually fighting the Scourge.


Those in the next room knew the heroes were coming and they activated the Floor of the Undead, which gave them bonuses to themselves, or penalties to the heroes. As they entered, Sister Alkava spoke, More faithful of the Shields here to squander their lives in another pointless rescue attempt? Cosmina and I are delighted to usher you in to the afterlife.


Burpuller had an embarrassing moment as he entered the fray and face planted on the floor.


At the back of this room, they found a set of stairs descending further into the ruins.

Down on this level they found on old storage room where they found a couple of things. Most interesting was notes written by Astriminar about phylacteries.


In the residence of a priest from the days of the ruins original purpose, they found a carefully bound book, well preserved through time. The book was the Sacred Writings of Ao and an inscription on the inside cover read: One day your writings will stand next to Elemiah, First Quill of Ao. Stay focused and humble – Signed – Saint Ravoroth of Decius


A torture/jail room was discovered next, with a human in one cell and a tiefling in the other. No sound came from the cells, but they both frantically pointed to each other. They were Sir Gregory and Ozron, members of the Shield of Autumn the group meet during the Battle of Anavio.

Evaine spoke to them telepathically. They explained how the cells worked. If the door to the human cell was opened, the tiefling would die, and vice versa. They saw the Warrior of the Woods get apprehended in the next room. The heroes told them they would come back and solve this situation out later.

They would both end up drowning in here.


The Grand Inquisitor’s room was next and here the heroes found a great deal of information about the Red Sisters and their dealing with Astriminar.

  • Lots of letters from Astriminar to someone referred to as The Grand Inquisitor, Reka, who seems to lead the Red Sisters
  • Books and books on necromancy, how to raise undead, how to control undead, how to manipulate. Lots of theoretical discussion about souls, and what could be done with them.
  • A book entitled The Cycle of Eras That goes on to explain a vague time sequence that repeats. Most of the book is the ramblings of a madman.
  • Astriminar asks the Grand Inquisitor Reka summon the Ghoul Emperor soon rather than later. Time appears to be of the essence.
  • Details proposed by Astriminar to the Ghoul Emperor on how they will divide up and rule the world
  • Astriminar asks for an update on the theory of finding a way to prevent souls from floating away into the Empty Void after death and believes that harnessing them could prove him and the Ghoul Emperor with limitless power.


After activating levels in the last two rooms, the wall of force dropped to the final room. The heroes barged in and saw the Warrior of the Woods bound and gaged on the high platform. Grand Inquisitor Reka stepped forward, I’m surprised you made it this far, the only other person who did is now my prisoner. Soon you will join him as we welcome the Ghoul Emperor.


Water started to seep into this room, very slowly at first. As the heroes finished off the last of the Red Sisters, the Ghoul Emeperor descended from a tiny opening 80-feet above the now flooding room like a god damn rock star.


The fight was tough, and at the same time the group had to worry about the ever rising acid water levels





Finally the Ghoul Emperor was dead, Rigel picked the locks and saved the Warrior of the Woods and lifted him out of harms way and up through the portal in the ceiling.


Safely out of danger, the group found themselves in the private chambers of the Ghoul Emperor. The Warrior stood up, opened an unseen portal, and led the group to the surface. A blinding light engulfed the group as the returned to the not so defiled forest and when they looked around, the Warrior of the Woods was gone.

Minos and against the Cult of the Dragon
4th Era - Session #36

Corvus Septum began to get reports back from their agents in the field:

Agent: Stath Cloudhelm
Parameter: Medium
Original Mission: Stath has been tailing part of what was the Legion of Aqium invading force that was headed to the capital. Recently he has come across their Command Center just outside of the Ashilwynn Forest. He had the opportunity to take out a courier delivering a message to the front lines of the attack against the elves.
Update (Session #36): Stath found and killed the courier, and had no problem delivering the current plans to the elves. Thanks to this information, the elves were able to execute a brilliant counter-attack and wiped out the Command Center completely, including most of the high-ranking Aqium officials for this half of the invading force. **
Stath reports that it will only be a matter of time before the smaller settlements that were recently taken over by Aqium, will be returned the Decius control. The Legion forces, on the eastern side of Emperor Bay have been routed, and are no longer a threat.


Agent: Lar Morningsun
Parameter: Low
Original Mission: Prepare for a strike team to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon site and put a stop to that threat once and for all.
Update (Session #36): Lar has established a base, a little further away than he would like, but he is in place and gathering information with the limited resources at his disposal. Lar thinks he might have discovered a shortcut into the complex, but he doesn’t know what obstacles might be on that path.


Agent: [[Bliss | Bliss
]]Parameter: Medium
Original Mission: Bliss is looking into the talk that Symus Azzo, noted artifact collector, is promoting a voyage to the island of Minos, while at the same time Triton 714 has reported that a handful of devout priests of Ao have gone missing in Minos.
Update (Session #36): Bliss was able to learn that both things are connected. She believes that the item they are both after was a ring called Azaral’s Black Band, which was used in an unholy union between two Scourge Lords. The ring is rumored to preexist our world and contains immense power.


Chancellor Gavin got a chance to speak with the group and bestowed upon them command of a small, tactical unit of fighters called The Stormshields. This 25-man, mobile army was under the command of Centurion Arcavius, whom the group met on Dunbar Island when Corvus was first established. Gavin assured the heroes that Arcavius is a true leader now and is the best person for this job.

The heroes next mission would be to travel out to Minos Island and retrieve the Azaral’s Black Band before Symus Azzo or anyone else could. Corvus made preparations, and sailed out the next morning aboard The Sentinel.

After passing over Symos Azzo and his galleon on the way, the Sentinel landed on the Island of Minos and Corvus Septum followed the directions down the path towards where the Knights of Ao were last heard from. It wasn’t long before the found a wagon parked off the road, full of supplies from the holy warriors.


As the heroes rounded the bend, a giant minotaur deftly pivoted from behind a huge tree, pulled out a massive axe, and attacked Brodus from across the stream. Moments later, three veteran archers, a battlemage, and two normal-sized minotaurs engaged the heroes.


Apparently, the Legion of Aqium heard news of the possible discovery here and killed the Knights of Ao with an overwhelming force, weeks ago, and have found the entrance to the mines.


Brenna found and read from a strange book on an alter at the Legion camp and opened a secret entrance to the mines from the ancient pillar behind her.


Carefully, the heroes entered the mines, and immediately split the party. Brodus, Ethne, and Evaine went right, while Brenna, Burp, and Rigel went left.


As they got further into the caves they saw skeleton warriors stumbling about, a dark a sinister looking spectral guardian appeared out of nowhere and pointed the intruders out. The undead, along with two undead giants, swarmed on the heroes.

A minute into the fight, two groups of Legion soldiers burst out of their hiding spots, trying to take advantage of the situation but were also quickly put down as well.

Brodus noticed the black ring on the hand of the spectral guardian, but he was so enraged that he was unable to communicate that to the others. But when that creature was killed, his entire body fell to ash, leaving only the ring behind.


Also, Iron Maiden played a set there and it was awesome.


As the heroes returned to Treyopolis, they started getting messages from Chancellor Gavin, giving them some idea of where they might be headed next. The gist of it centered around The Deal that Corvus made while under the Faded Memory curse back in Aqium. It boils down to this; the chromatic dragons under control of Astriminar agreed to disband with Aqium if the heroes could manage to destroy the three dragon-controlling artifacts: The Staff of Dragons, the Drakor Orb, and Wyrmsbane.

Chancellor Gavin had to do some deft negotiating with Queen Seera of the Alimlar Domain (who held the Staff of Dragons) and the Lord of Brind-Amor, Vonrak Firebeard (who held the Drakor Orb) to get them to relinquish those items.

The plan was to take those two items, along with Morthos, to the Well of Dragons inside the Cult’s location, obtain Wrymsbane from the cultists, and destroy all three there. This will give all dragons in the world free will, and the Legion will suffer a serious setback.

In exchange for these items, the leaders of the Alimlar Domain and Brind-Amor demand that Decius go on the offensive. Gavin agrees, the defenders of freedom have been on the defensive side of this war far too long at it was time to start planning the invasion.

Once again, Corvus Septum suited up and traveled aboard The Sentinel to the secret base run by Lar near the Well of Dragons. Here Lar reported that he made some progress in finding a secret entrance to the cult’s outpost but was unable to explore it as fully as he would have liked.


The heroes slipped into the secret cavern discovered by Lar Morningsun and found themselves at the juncture where he had to stop; an abandoned tunnel filled with rock.


Just beyond, in the next room they could see a handful of cultist and guard drakes in the chamber. So, slowly and carefully, they began to dig their way into that chamber. A couple of times Brodus fumbled a rock that alerted the drakes, but the heroes were wise to wait for them to fall back to sleep to resume digging. Soon they were free and launched an impressive ambush on them.


The ambush was so effective that they were able to get the drop on the cultists in the next area, sweeping through the quarters of the dragon worshippers and freeing Sylyra, a female half-elf priestess of Ao from Nosiriath and member of the Blessed of the Faith. The other group that Chancellor Gavin sent in here recently.


Then Corvus came to the dragon temple filled with red dragon wyrmlings lead by High Priest, Neronvain, who calmly removed the amulet Wyrmsbane and handed it to a wyrmling with the instructions, Awaken Celadroth, we have more…volunteers

The heroes tried in vain to stop the wyrmlings from escaping but their were so many of them and so many small tunnels for them to duck out of. The heroes had to go through the high priest and his cultists guards to get to the well.


As the heroes entered the well, they could already see Celadroth circling around the perimeter while and handful of wrymlings harassed the heroes in the center of the room.


Celadroth made his first pass, hitting all but one hero with her breath attack that dealt (gulp!) 68 points of damage. Ethne noticed as the breath attack went off, the braziers around the room seemed to flash with intensity. Because of the braziers being in tune with the dragon, the flame remained on the ground for several round.


The heroes whittled away at the dragon, who I think only got one more breath attack in. Celadroth came crashing down to the ground and the Cult of the Dragon was disbanded in Decius.


More good news as the heroes left the well, The Stormshield were successful in their first mission:

Unit: The Stormshields
Leader: Centurion Arcavius
Original Mission: The Legion of Aqium’s navy is parked in Basti in the middle of Emperor Bay. The Stormshields were sent to prevent the warships from being of use to the Legion.
Report: Success! The Stormshield marched through the remaining Aqium troops in Basti and captured all seven Aqium warships, which are currently being repurposed to Decius interests.

Right about the same time, Corvus Septum got an idea of where they might be headed to next as Bliss filed her report:

Agent: Bliss
Parameter: Medium
Original Mission: An agent could travel to Thornhill Forest, deep inside Aqium occupied territory, and discover what is going on with the Shields of Autumn, and confirm the siting of the Warrior of the Woods.
Report: Bliss reports that the Shields of Autumn have felt the mystical figure known as the Warrior of the Woods has spoken to them, telling them to converge on the forest to rout out an ancient evil that is plaguing the land. Although Bliss has not seen the Warrior of the Woods, other report that they have. The Shields are currently camped just inside the forest and are planning to sweep through the area and rid it of all undead they come across. They believe that an organization known as the Red Sisters are behind this undead incursion, and that they have been recently aided by Astriminar.

Against the Cult of the Black Earth
4th Era - Session #35

Agent Reports

Stath Cloudhelm has had some success finding the Legion invading army, but not all of them. It is believed that the original plan was, with the help of Marlos and the Cult of the Black Earth, to take control of Centum Treyopolis and then the rest of the smaller towns and cities surrounding it would fall quickly.
Since the Cult was thwarted in the Treyopolis, the Legion doubled-back on their march to the capital and appear to be conquering all of the smaller towns and cities instead. From Stath’s point of view on the eastern side of Emperor Bay, Legion forces have taken over Ad Rehnum, and Zela. If Stath’s contacts are to be believed they have taken over control of Basti as well. Currently, the bulk of this half of the Legion is pushing further south into the Ashilwynn Forest but have met with resistance from the elves.

Corvus Septum told Stath to intercept and kill the courier, get the message, and deliver it to the elves.

Cult of the Dragon – Given the near disaster the Cult of the Black Earth posed to Centum Treyopolis, Chancellor Gavin is concerned about talk of the Cult of the Dragon assisting the Legion of Aqium forces here in Decius. Perhaps we can send an agent to this area in the hills west of the Geshk Desert and prepare for a team to infiltrate the temple and put a stop to this threat.

Corvus Septum gave this mission to Lar Morningsun with a low risk assignment.

Mystery in Minos Symus Azzo, the noted artifact collector, is up to something. He is currently in the capital city loading up a ship to set sail for Minos and has promised his newly hired crew, “fabulous riches of more than they can imagine” on this endeavor.
Triton 714 has approached us and shares his concerns with a handful of devout priests who recently traveled to the island of Minos, heeded by a vision from Ao to search out and return with something of great value.
These two things might be connected, an agent will need to research both leads and report back what they learn.

Corvus Septum gave this mission to Bliss with a medium assignment.


Corvus Septum set out on The Sentinel, flying northwest towards the Sember Hills to an area where the Cult of the Black Earth was working. Once the ship landed, Bardryn Stoneheart walked them to the Sacred Stone Monastery. She had already given them disguises of robes and gargoyles masks to enter posed as new recruits.


The ruse worked, and while surprisingly a fight didn’t break out. The heroes were calmly escorted to Qarbo. He asked them a few questions and deemed them worth enough to join. He had them hand over all their possessions and wait two days. Then two monks escorted them past the mine level (where a trap was in place for them to fight an Umber Hulk, and all the way 250-feet below the surface.

Rigel forgot his watch and made a very good argument to run back upstairs to retrieve it. Luck was on their side as Qarbo was in a different room (he would have stopped this). Rigel recovered his rapiers, Evaine’s robe, and a handful of potions.

The monks led them to the bridge on the next level before running back upstairs.


Evaine was the first to spot the gargoyles high above in the cavern ceiling. They swooped down to attack but averted their attack when someone made the Black Earth cult symbol.


In the first room they group ran across Nartham and his bulette along with four hobgoblin mercenaries. Nartham was looking for a fight but the group managed to slip past him feigning ignorance.


The next room was split in two with three bulettes tied to pillars in this large chamber. Two of them broke free as the group was jumping across the gap (Brodus fell down, but not in), and the heroes quickly dispatched one and distracted the other.


The group across the Shrine of the Bleeding Stone. A female deep gnome (I don’t know how to spell svirfneblin…Oh, I just did!) was tied to a pole in a shallow pit while cultists looked on as a black pudding emerged from a monolith to kill Rukh. Rigel darted in and freed her and fight broke out.


The ooze made several attempts to attack the party, and it destroyed Brodus’s newly acquired scimitar. After the fight, Rukh told them that she was exploring the nearby chasm when she was captured by the cultists. She told them that Marlos was the leader and he is a medusa, and where he could be found.


When the group entered the torture room, Heldorm was excited as he asked, Who is to be questioned? The heroes killed him, the other cultists and freed the prisoners. Wulgreda, the female a dwarf, warned the party that one of the prisoners was actually a Black Earth Guard. Orna explained that she was imprisoned for striking a priest a few days ago. Now she is enraged against the cult. Orna traded information for her freedom. She told them a blacksmith was nearby if they were looking for weapons.


Indeed a blacksmith was in the next room, worked by a female Dao along with two duergar assistants. They seemed to pay the heroes little attention. Unknown to the group, Xharva Deem had made a deal with Marlos that requires her to make implements of elemental power for the cult. That is the extent of her promise. The group grabbed a couple a mundane weapons, but when Rigel made a move for a set of magical claws on a nearby table (tipped off my Evaine), Xharva issued a sharply worded warning. Wisely the group left.


The group came across Miraj Vizann, and earth genasi who also venerates water and proclaims himself the Mud Sorcerer. The 2nd-in-command of the cult only supports the Black Earth cult because it deepens his understanding of elemental magic. He was in the middle of his studies and did not want to be bothered. The group slipped right past him as he didn’t even look up.


The group found a statue of Ogremoch, made by Marlos. It was deducted that the previous statue in here was an ancient dwarven statue.


Finally the group was able to confront Marlos in a cavern full of stalagmites and petrified adventurers. Marlos brought forth a shadow demon and a short fight ensued. Brodus was nearly petrified but Roy saved him. Marlos was forced to retreat to his private quarters in the next room.



Marlos was not found in his quarters after Evaine moved the entire group through the gate. Apparently he fled through an arrow slit to the chasm below.


The group headed down another giant dwarven staircase, another 250 feet below the surface. They came to two black earth guards and before they could summon an earth elemental to help defend this level, the group talked their way past them. The group is getting really good at this.


Crossing a narrow bridge with clacking noises coming from below, easily identified as Hook Horrors by Rigel, the group was attacked by two Galeb Duhrs, indistinguishable from boulders.


Past this, the group came to a handful of cultists in deep meditation, and gained a round of surprise attacks. After this, it was on to the final room.


Marlos, using Ironfang, was summoning Ogremoch while being guarded by three warriors. The epic rematch was about to begin! Burpuller got things really going as he summoned a sleet storm that covered half of the chamber. Brodus was not a big fan of this spell, since he was already in the storm’s area, but it did actually buy the group a round. Marlos slipped as he looked over his shoulder and it delayed the summoning of Ogremoch by one round. That might not sound like much, but in that round the Prince of Elemental Earth missed, the group was able to kill all three guards, preventing the heroes from having to fight five targets in one round.


When Ogremoch was summoned, the first thing he did was knock the hell out of Ethne. Burpuller dropped the sleet storm as the group finished off Marlos, dropping Ironfang in the process. Marlos melted into a puddle of black ichor (I forgot this part).



Brodus finally had a magic weapon in which to fight Ogremoch, he would also choose this weapon as his favorite in the future.


The group whittled away at Ogremoch, Brodus got dropped twice, as did Evaine as she attempted to escape his reach. But after delivering over 500 points of damage, Ogremoch was finally destroyed.


The group easy cleared out anyone foolish enough to stick around the caverns and worked their way back up to retrieve the rest of there belongings.

Tremors in Treyopolis
4th Era - Session #34

Corvus Septum found themselves flying back from Aqium aboard The Sentinel, a Command Ship of the Legion of Aqium. They had a chance to speak with the operator of the ship, Zimble Sparkweaver, and he mentioned how Aqium had taken over Geargrind Island and confiscated all (dozen or so) gnomish airships. Aqium has since forced a handful of gnomes to pilot these vessels. This command ship is equipped with a spyglass and two ballistas.


The Messenger Bottle still worked despite being 1000s of feet in the air and the group got a dire message from Chancellor Gavin:

A call to all Agents of Decius


The Legion of Aqium is marching on the capital of Centum Treyopolis. Return immediately. If we lose the city the rebellion will fail and Astriminar will rule the world with an iron fist.

A new course was set for Centrum Treyopolis. Shortly after that the group got messages back from two of their agents.

Stath Cloudhelm was working on the task of rescuing Hendrick Zin in Zatha as he had been outed as a spy. Stath reported no new news in this and was reassigned to a new task of looking for the missing Legion Army that was making its way toward Treyopolis.

Lar Morningsun reported that he and his team were captured by Legion forces near the Temple of Earthstone, who confiscated his notes on both ancient temples as well as his thoughts on a third temple. Lar, the only one of his team, managed to escape and during his captivity was able to learn that Astriminar’s new tactic was to work the existing creatures/people/factions/ organizations in Decius against the Decius defenders.

Last, Lar learned that Astriminar was expecting great things from someone named Marlos.

There was no report back from Bliss at this time.

Corvus Septum flew to the capital city, landed in the Gren Mastius Shipyards in the docks, and made their way through the half-deserted city.


Gavin told them that the Legion of Aqium Army, which included a fleet of ships as well as two squadrons of dragons, had gone missing. There were seen in the southern islands, then passed by the Ashilwynn Elves, and then was last seen near Ad Rehnum. But now, nothing.

In preparation for the attack, Gavin moved most of the citizens to the old city underneath the ground level of the current city. He asked the group to check on the guard towers of this Barrius Ward, ask around and see how the citizens are doing, and to swing by the jail as well. Just before they left, the group felt the first of many tremors, which are common in this area.

The group made its first stop at the jail and ran into the ever vigilant head jailer, Olunt Durthane who had they fill out a lot of paperwork. As they entered they saw a familiar female tiefling bard in the cell. While Rigel 108 ran distraction, Evaine was able to speak telepathically with their agent.

Bliss informed Corvus that they had taken her off her earlier task and told her to instead follow up on a rumor that a potential Aqium spy was in town. She found that this person, Morven Caine had been arrested (by the Abyssal Blades) and sent to this jail. Bliss got herself arrested and thrown in with him. She reported that Morven had a conversation with the High Priest from the Temple of Memet and then shortly after he was released into the custody of some local guards. Details of this could be found in the mountain of paperwork on the dwarf jailer’s desk.


They found that Morven was released to the guard with a signature of Captain Scragg of the western guard tower.

Next the group split up and Evaine spoke to Captain Aloro of the NE Tower. The stern elven captain spoke of his fears of a ground invasion and that Chancellor Gavin should be preparing by pulling more soldiers in from the rest of Ilthor.


While that was happening, Rigel spoke with Captain Livia of the SW Tower, and surprisingly, the recognized them as Corvus Septum. She knew this because she herself was considered for this secret task force but didn’t make the cut. Livia asked a lot of questions and desired to be more in the loop as far as what was going on. Last, she asked about the two gnomes, where they in your group or one of the other ones? Rigel said this group, but what of these other groups. Livia mentioned three other groups: Blessing of the Faith, The Abyssal Blades, and Darkshade.


The two groups met at Dirk Fountain and discussed what they had seen so far. Bliss was now released and sent back to Chancellor Gavin to see if she could help out anywhere. After some discussion It was decided that Captain Scragg should be taken under custody for now.


Before the group could move a young woman came racing towards them, shouting for help. Her two brothers were taken captive by brigands in a nearby warehouse. Brodus was immediately on the move and the rest of the group fell in line.

It turns out that the brothers were actually members of Ten Knives, a band of brigands and this was a shakedown, as they took advantage of the distraction of the looming war. But with Brodus flexing, and Burpuller being 106-feet tall, Rigel was able to talk them down and convince them that this would end badly for them. The Ten Knives cut their losses and ran away.


The group confronted Captain Scragg (half-orc) and it was evident he was up to something despite what he was saying. After a brief struggle, he was taken to Chancellor Gavin for further questioning.


Evaine was greeted at the door of a local historian by young Landis who was struggling with ball-in-a-cup. Speaking with his grandfather, Lerth, Evaine was able to learn more of the layers of this city. This area was first settled back in the 1st Era as the first men, led by Dirk the Gnoll Slayer, carved out an existence for his people in a series of caverns. In later eras as the town grew, they built on top of the cavern. Then in the 3rd Era a city was built on top of the town.

Currently, citizens of the Treyopolis the city were being sent below to the old city. Beneath that are the Deep Caverns.

Of course, Lerth mentioned a certain pipe-smoking individual who was in here recently asking similar questions, specifically for ancient maps of the Deep Caverns. That conversation reminded Lerth of a talk he had with a local resident about a year ago who asked if Lerth thought there might be treasure in the Deep Caverns. Lerth was able to point the group towards Girduin.


The group split up again and some headed for the Temple of Memet, only to find the doors locked. After banging on the door for some time, High Priest Nehi finally answered the door. After a bit of a standoff, and a slight movement from one of the statues in the corner, a full fight broke out as the High Priest transformed into his true appearance, a half-dragon.


Meanwhile back in the house of Girduin, it was discovered that this regular citizen was trying to hide something in a chest. Opening it up revealed hundred of gold pieces. Finally Girduin broke down and confessed to everything. A year ago Girduin found a trapdoor hidden in his house that eventually led to the Deep Caverns. He poked around down there looking for treasure, but got scared off. Recently, Morven Caine learned of this a strong-armed him into helping him. Morven would use this point to come and go from the Deep Caverns (along with supplies carried by laborers) or else Morven would kill Girduin. If Girduin helped him, he could have this stash of gold.

Knowing that an attack was imminent from the Deep Caverns, the group sent word back to Gavin to move the citizens out of the old town and back to the surface, while they raced to the Deep Caverns to stop this.


Following a series of trapdoors and ladders, with each area staged with a sack of 50 gold pieces, the heroes eventually made their way to the Deep Caverns. Here they found the remains of a strange insect-like creature, full of puncture wounds. Next to it was trace amounts of a peaty-smelling tobacco spilled on the floor.

The next cavern was deafening as a large waterfall crashed into the floor here. From across the mist-shrouded cavern, the chitin-covered creatures leapt to attack.


The next room contained an empty censer with the stench of the insides of the kruthik the heroes just fought. Later they would be able to surmise that Morven created this censer from the dead kruthik near the ladder and used it to ward off the kruthik as he passed back and forth.

The heroes next came across what was the camp for Morven. It contained a full censer, supplies, camp related equipment, a gargoyle mask, and his familiar tobacco of choice.


Pinned up on the wall was a flag with the symbol of the Cult of the Black Earth.


Also in here the heroes found a book on earth elementals, a nearly empty vial of poison (ingestible) and a couple of notes in Morven’s handwriting. Two passages were of particular note:

Must continue his feeding once summoned, all the way to the surface.

Shame about the Derro, creatures of the earth that can’t help Marlos’s cause.

The following chamber was filled with pitons staged around in the cavern in a pattern. Any dwarf could have told you this was set up in a way to exacerbate the cave in. Also in here they found a roughly chiseled out passage, as if humanoid creature broke into this room from another far off area.

Finally, a boon. the clear and sweet smelling water from the shallows pools gave off healing properties.


The first thing the heroes noticed as they entered was the nearly rhythmic sound of metal against stone. In the near corner a handful of white-haired, no-pupil dwarves picked away at the stone wall. These are the Derro that Morven spoke of.


Tied between two stalactites was an iron-bound cage contained a blue-skinned baby, asleep. But not a peaceful sleep. In its slumber it cries out with snippets of screams that sound like pure madness.


One of the derro had in his possession a strange looking staff that they heard from their rumors around town that Symus Azzo was looking for. The Staff of Madness.


The heroes took advantage of the surprise round and attacked. Little did they know that the Derro fetal savant (who was acting as a guard) could exchange himself with any of the players. Burpuller was taken over and began to attack Rigel, and due to a set of amazing rolls, they both fell into the water.


The fetal savant, now drowning, reverted back to its body and Burpuller smashed the chains holding the caged baby up and kicked that shit into the river.

Here was a staging area for the workers under Morven’s employ. The area was filled with mining equipment, hammers, pitons, etc. Sprawled out on the floor were the dead (poisoned) bodies of the workers.


Finally the heroes came to the end of their road. A large chamber with Morven slumped onto the floor. He begins to cackle with laughter, You’re too late! He’s almost here! Marlos commanded that your city it forfeit!

The ground started to rumble and you could feel a tremendous force surging upwards from beneath you. Everyone scrambled out of the way, just in time to witness…. Ogremoch!


The fight was epic! Brenna did a great job whittling down the Prince of Earth Elementals with Hunger of Hadar while Brodus continued to bash away at it. Morven tried to crawl back into the room but Rigel curb-stomped him. Ogremoch summoned several gargoyles from his own body and several heroes got dropped. But in the end, they did enough damage to send Ogremoch back to the earth from whence he came from.


Treyopolis was saved and the heroes returned to Chancellor Gavin, who was talking to a female dwarf. Her name is Bardryn Stoneheart who was also in town searching for Morven Caine. She and here dwarven brethren live not far to the northwest of the capital and she has been following and learning about the Cult of the Black Earth, and can retell the following:

  • Seek power to destroy the works of civilization
  • The Black Earth Cult is typically slow and methodical in their actions, but something recently has inspired them
  • Led by Marlos Urnrayle who weilds the elemental weapon called Ironfang
  • He has established a cult of followers and one of them is here.
  • His name is Morven Caine and I fear that he has evil plans of destruction.

Chancellor Gavin pauses, remembering a local noble family with that same surname. He was banished decades ago, a particularly vain and cruel individual, seeking only beauty and power. Gavin things hard for a moment, before continuing, The exact type of person that Astriminar could sway to his side.

Gavin sighs, You will need to address this immediately. We cannot have such a powerful enemy this close to the capital, especially one that can summon Ogremoch again. Travel with Bardryn to the Sumber Hills and eliminate this threat once and for all.

The story continues in Against the Cult of the Black Earth

Faded Memory
4th Era - Session #33

Corvus Septum caught their breath and stared at the ladder that appeared in the ceiling. Brodus poked his head up and discovered it led to the battlement atop the tower. One by one the heroes crept through the trapdoor to face the Blackstryke Wizards.

They were no where to be seen at first, then when half of the group was present, the two wizards floated up on magic carpets and began on onslaught of spells, raining down on the heroes. To make matters worse, they created zombies to harass the group as they circled the tower casting spells.


Corvus Septum was successful and now found themselves traveling through a lightly wooded area, with no recollection of what happened after the events on the tower and right now. Primrose, leading the group spoke, "Just get me into the mines and I can bring the whole thing down once and for all.


Corvus stopped in their collective tracks and asked Primrose a series of questions. Later they would learn they were targets of a Faded Memory spell they first learned about when they explored the lower levels of the tower. Apparently Primrose arrived at Tanalay Tower as they were leaving and she informed them that Chancellor Gavin instructed them to destroy the Sengo Mines as well, to put an end to the golem army of the Legion of Aqium.

These gaps in memory would affect them for the next few days.

Their next experience was inside the Sengo Mines, where Primrose must have just triggered the cave-in. Corvus was making a mad dash out of the mines when they were confronted by a handful of Battleborn Orcs, who seemed unreeved by the events. The heroes were able to push through and escape just in time.


Next they found themselves in another forest amidst some ancient ruins. Rigel was in the middle of telling Brodus to be quiet when everyone’s memories came back to them. Not far away, they group could hear a massive Legion of Aqium army marching past on a cobblestone road while two dragons flew overheard along with them.


Apparently Ethne had stocked up on supplies as she noticed that she was carrying a handful of new potions.


As the group was later able to piece together, they were sent to a base of operations for the Legion, but they weren’t sure why. Waverly, Rigel, Brenna, and Burpuller found themselves in front of a mysterious door in what would later turn out to be Breshard Base. Waverly looked down to see that she was almost done picking the lock on the door when she discovered that the lock was trapped. She attempted to slide her tools out of the lock but triggered the trap anyways, dealing fire damage to all four.


Meanwhile the other half of the group, Ethne, Evaine, and Brodus, found themselves in the quarters of a Legion officer. He had his back to them as she shuffled through some papers. Brodus raised his axe above his head and demanded to know what was going on. The officer scolded him for being so loud and continued to search the desk. Ethne and Evaine shrugged their shoulders and Brodus was able to keep from slicing him in two. Officer Jalil found what he was looking for and turned to tell you the news.

It’s parked next to Hanger 3, Zimble Sparkweaver is the operator of The Sentinel and you’ll need his help to man the ship.


Next the group found themselves back together, but in a tough spot. Rigel and Waverly had fallen through a pit trap and the others were separated on either side of it. While they worked on getting them out, they caught the attention of two minotaur guards who rushed them and nearly knocked both Burpuller and Brodus into the pit as well.


Evaine managed to telekinetically transport all of them to the other side.


Now the group had somehow managed to reach a cavern level under Breshard Base. Evaine lay on the ground, writhing in pain from a bite of some sort. Footsteps could be heard from the nearby tunnel and there appeared a Dark Elf, huffing and puffing with his hands on his knees. It ran off, I can’t find it!

Burpuller and Ethne tried several remedies but everything made it worse. They began looking around and discovered a nest of beetles. Erandur called out for a description and when Rigel replied red bodies with green legs, Erandur knew what to do. Fire, not natural fire, but arcane fire on the wound, now! Evaine immediately started to feel better.


Next the group found themselves in a massive cavern and from what they could tell, they were jumping between platforms. Waverly, however, was ascending a cliff being pulled by something. When she reached out to it she discovered it was not a rope but a sticky filament of some sort. While this was happening, strange creatures of the underdark flew around trying to snag what the Cave Fisher had caught before it reeled Waverly all the way up.


A battle broke out to save the rogue and Rigel managed to maneuver one of the magic carpets up to the ledge and freed Waverly, who had lost her weapon on the sticky filament along with way.


Next the group found themselves solving a puzzle in a room with many doors. Erandur was able to help Waverly solve some of the more tricky parts of the puzzle.


Somehow, someway, the group managed to find themselves inside of a treasure vault. For a brief second there was a little bit of alarm as a rare, platinum piece of gnomish origin, fell to the floor and rolled into a corner.


Now the group found themselves in a large room with no doors. Here a handful of elite guards spoke with a Githyanki Knight. They all turned their attention to the intruders and fought to the death.


Once they were dealt with, a Mummy Lord emerged from the sarcophagus and animated the dead soldiers as zombies.


The fight was tough and the Mummy Lord maneuvered itself into a corner behind a wall of biting insects, but the heroes, those still standing, managed to push their way through and defeat the undead creature.


The group found themselves sprinting across and open area next to Breshard Base, sirens going off, Legion of Aqium soliders chasing, and several dragons starting to take to air.


The heroes rounded the corner and found what they were looking for. The Sentinel, a gnomish airship.


Thanks to the special platinum gnomish coin, they convinced Zimble to take The Sentinel to the skies as the group assisted however they could. Zimble pointed to two balistas mounted on the deck as everyone saw the dragons approaching quickly.

But instead of attacking the large red dragon flew next to them, We will hold up out end of the bargain. Pray you do the same.

The Sentinel set a course back to Decius while the dragons flew off, not returning to Aqium. Corvus Septum looked at each other hoping that someone would remember the deal they apparently made with the dragons.

No one did.


Enter Aqium
4th Era - Session #32

Gruk appeared, Brenna released him. He makes mention of an impending attack before passing out. Morthos will relay message when available.

Report back from Bliss

CS prepares to go through red pillar, Brodus first. Had to clear it out.


Come out into what they later learn to be central Aqium, near the town of Yatra. Only lights on are the tavern


No big deal, ushered to the back, see some of the locals. Orcs from the Sengo Mines bust in, cause trouble. A fight breaks out.


the female halfling slips out of the tavern during fight, but PCs capture male. His name in Pimric, and in exchange for staying out of trouble, he takes them to his cousin’s house. Pcs kick in the door, find a messenger bottle inside. Pimric takes them to his house, and they meet Primrose Goodburrow, who they knew was an potential agent that they could have hired.

They learn she was hired by the Abyssal Blades and had a mission here. She explains that the Blackstryke brothers are working on mass creating golems. They get their supplies from the mines, both salt and stone. PCs radio back to HQ, they are told the Wizard Tower is the priority, and the mines are secondary.

PCs head out and find two golems fighting each other. Later they learn the two brothers mind-melded into the golems to practice fight.


PCs enter the tower, see that the weapons in the hands of the statues are moveable. Everyone immediately goes off in different directions.


The ancient Aqium room is explored as is the kitchen, where an unseen servant prepares stew. Brodus follows the bowls to the living room and finds bone keys and a book


Two more rooms are explored, including a library with notes on golems and notes on a species called demons, slaads, and whatnot. Possible enemies of the Scourge? These notes were thrown into a back room.

Also, other PCs opened a crypt of the two wizards’s father and arose a death knight. Brodus gets banished but the DK loses concentration and he is brought back. They kill him,


Waverly gets hit by the blades from the lever trap.
PCs solve the puzzle by moving the statue weapons around to open up the 2nd floor. They walk through the layer of water. Next room, they get zapped (soaking wet) by electric pillars. They race to a room and open it with the bone keys before they get zapped again.

They come across the bedrooms, the second library, the creation room, and the broken ledge where the wizards say and controlled the golems. Up the stairs (thanks to another lever) to a teleportation room


PCs got teleported around as they fought dread warriors before finishing them off for good.

Citadel Portals
Session #31

Corvus Septum woke up and were first greeted with a handful of messages from the bottle from their agents.

Bliss – Was looking into the missing agent in Kinrick and reported that she got arrested by the Legion of Aqium as they too seemed to be looking for this missing agent and whatever item they possessed. Bliss was finally released, along with others, and began working in one of the local taverns in town. She asked how she should proceed.

Stath – Investigated the small town of Snakefalls which seemed to be ground zero of a campaign of acceptance for Astriminar the Lich, for what he had done in ridding the world of the Scourge. Stath reported back that the vocal uprising was not caused by Aqium influence, but rather from free-thinking, rational people of the town. Stath asked if he should eliminate the leadership of their organization or not.

Lar – Hired a team to assist him as they looked for the second temple of the ancient Khete-Tymir civilization. He reported that he had made progress in the evidence in the discovery of a old roadway system.

After responses were sent back, Corvus took stock of where they were in the ruins of the Citadel. They had already obtained the Blue and Green Infusing Stones, a handful of liquid silver, and found that a missing candlestick could open a secret passage in the alter room. The group decided to investigate the basement sewers.


After working through the arcane locks on the main gate, and alerting everything on this level. The group ran into a couple of Banelings, which are beetles that explode in a rain of acid. Later, they ran into a swarm of them


In this rocky, difficult-to-impossible terrain, the group found in the missing candlestick. In the hands of an ink devil who flicked the mark of Asmodeus on to Brodus. After the fight, Burpuller burnt one of his 3rd level spells to cast remove curse and save the minotaur.



After investigating a room with a crude pentagram scrawled into the stone, the group proceeded through the fire trap. A conveyor belt pushed them back and they were blocked by lemurs, while










Return to The Citadel
4th Era - 30th Session

Corvus Septum spends the next two weeks in Arabona, recuperating from the battle and helping restore the city. You are surprised to hear that Chancellor Gavin is in town and wants to speak with you. He congratulates to your efforts here and is happy to see Rigel is better.

You have certainly served Decius well in this war and it is time for additional responsibilities. You should have your own agents that work under you. I will provide you with a list of smaller side missions and it will be your job to give them out to your agents as you see fit. They will report back to you and will have their own Message Bottles to stay connected with you. Here is a list of candidates I think will be suitable for the job. There will be no interview process as we need to keep this a secret. You will need to choose three of these.

Stath Cloudhelm (Human male fighter) – You have worked with him before in Dunbar. He provided transportation for you from Dunbar to Zatha and he arrested Terribeth of the Red Sisters in order to replace her with Ethne. Stath is very low key, able to blend in as a local in various locations.

Lar Morningsun (human male wizard) – Another person you have worked with, he was our inside contact in Fort Rifugio who Evaine spoke with just outside the Misty Moon Inn. He left the stashes for you around the city as you rescued Morthos. He works well alone and has a great network of connections for arcane supplies.

Hendrick Zin (human male rogue) – He is currently acting as Asori Nemat of the Legion of Aqium and is stationed in Zatha. He aided Ethne while she was in town on her solo mission and has mentioned that Aqium suspicions of a traitor in the midst have been on the rise lately. Hendrick is loyal and has a good understating of how the Legion operates.

Captain Cimris (Kenku male rogue) – Captain of the Nightingale pirate ship, he has aided us in the past as well transporting Ethne to Zatha as well as taking Todrick and Emily Chespian to safety. He has sailed all over the world and has managed to evade capture and seizure many times.

Rhoghar (dragonborn male fighter) – On loan to you from Legate Emeka of Anavio. He is strong, dedicated, and follows orders well. Perhaps he is a wasted asset following you around.

Flickton Tumblebyte (Gnome male rogue) – A curious choice no doubt, but the owner of the Tumblebyte Circus and Extravaganza does get around the continent a lot and has connections in every city. Possible great information broker.

Primrose Goodburrow (Halfling female rogue) – From the town of Odenburg in Brind-Amor. She arrived here a few years ago and I’ve sent her out on a couple of fact gathering missions. Very charismatic, very unsuspecting, and she gets the job done.

Janna Maerseer (Elf female wizard) – Another individual from Brind-Amor, Janna came her years ago to study arcane magics and is a renowned researcher in that field. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and research from her homeland with the Galadinthar Elves.

Mikael Netherford (Human male cleric) – Grandson of Mayor Nicholas Netherford, who was a part of The Arisen organization that first led the rebellion against the former Emperor. Mikael is well received throughout Decius and carries a good amount of clout with his followers.

Bliss (Tiefling female bard) – Famous performer throughout Decius and has actually performed in Aqium before the start of the Great War. Attractive and stunning, she has swayed the minds of men for a long time.

Marlumin (Half-Elf, male druid) – One of the leading druids of Decius, he has a unique ability to focus on the entire continental ecosystem instead of just his realm of the forests. He is well known and respected and he has connections with the Shields of Autumn.

Senrith A’Daris (Drow elf, male, monk/rogue) – This one is admittedly a long-shot but I have heard that the Aqium superspy has suffered a falling out with his commanders lately and could offer his services up to the highest bidder.

The group discussed this for some time and decided to go with Stath Cloudhelm, Bliss, and Lar Morningsun.


Chancellor Gavin made arrangements to contract these three and immediately gave Corvus four missions to dole out to their agents:

No Contact: We have lost communications with another agent we have in Kinrick. She was holding a very valuable item that was to be picked up by HQ. When our courier arrived, she was nowhere to be found.

Bring Him Home: We have an important individual who needs our help, unfortunately he lives just inside the Aqium border, east of Anavio. An agent will need to sneak across the border and bring this individual back into the Alimlar Domain.

Dissention: A small town near the border between Alimlar and Aqium has been making a lot of noise about welcoming the Legion of Aqium into the town. An Agent will need to find out why and put a stop to this.

Second Temple: Based on your information from your excursion in the Durn Khete-Tymir ruins, we have an idea where the second temple might be located. An Agent will need to look into this further to find its location and possible scout it out.

Having four missions and only three agents, the group had to decide which one to skip out on. Reluctantly the decided to forgo the Bring Him Home mission. The other missions were assigned as follows:

No Contact – Bliss (Medium risk/reward)
Dissention – Stath Cloudhelm (Medium risk/reward)
Second Temple – Lar Morningsun (Medium risk/reward)

A couple of days later, Chancellor Gavin spoke to you again about your next mission:

Morthos feels like he is close to a solution with the leftover arcane magics from the Robes of the Fallen. The artifact he could create would be a boon for us and a strike against Astriminar himself. You will need to escort the arcane researcher into Aqium lands to the ruins of the old Citadel. The Galerius Brotherhood of the 3rd Era, not only used The Citadel as a training ground for its fighters, but a great deal of research and experiments were conducted here. In fact, heroes of old absconded with the artifact known as the Crown of Shadows while it was here. Morthos believes everything he needs to complete his project lay in the ruins of The Citadel.

The following day, Corvus Septum set out with Morthos to travel to the ruins of The Citadel. A few hours later the group passed the broken bridge that is now undergoing permanent repair from the hastily made patch-up done right before the attack on the behest of Corvus Septum. The same workers were seen huddled around a small fire eating meager food. Seems like a great opportunity for Corvus to show their appreciation for these workers for their help in the battle, but no. Corvus Septum just walked right by them.

The Tower of the Rose, where Corvus fought and killed a Naina Dragon, was under construction and they met the new owner of the Tower, Symus Azzo. Symus is a collector of exquisite items and he was delighted to give them a quick tour of the Tower. Corvus walked passed many strange and exotic items including a mechanical dog, a forearm of a warforged, and what he proclaims as the First spellbook ever created written by Quirre of Arzak, several thousands of years ago.


Symus had a proposition for the group. He is in need of people with their skill set, to acquire items for him of which he will pay handsomely for. One in particular is an item called, The Horn of Winter. Symus would later say that it is far to the north in Ramicus. Most recent mention of the Horn of Winter comes from a song written by a dwarven bard named Thaygrum Aleborn. Corvus looked at each other, knowing that same bard was rumored to have died in the lair of Kathaydus the White alongside the Lute of Soothing, which they just recovered to help Rigel 108 and his ceremony to rid the curse of the Robes of the Fallen.

Symus offered a reward of 5,000 gp for it. Evaine (Eleanora?) countered with the mechanical dog instead. A deal was never reached, but Symus hoped to work with the group in the future.

By the end of the first night of travel, the group reached Roth Point, which was the staging area for the Nosiriath Warriors during the early stages of the battle. A few of the locals gave friendly waves to Corvus as they passed through town, all except one. A woman spat and cursed them for, killing my husband! Sebni was a good man who never harmed you, or you, or you. And I will have my revenge! The locals pulled Helena away and tried to calm her down.

From here travel entered the hills which was full of bad omens starting with cultures circling overhead.


Soon Corvus reached the same pitched bridge where they got ambushed last time. Brenna flew over the area and spotted an abandoned wagon on the far side. Carefully, she went down and investigate but found nothing. Nervously the group crossed the bridge and continued on.

As the group reached the mountains they stopped for a mid day meal near some ancient ruins. But their food was spoiled, all of it. Water in canteens evaporated instantly, and Morthos had a bad feeling about this place and urged everyone to leave immediately.


A few days later, Morthos would reveal that he think that some evil and powerful creature lived nearby as creatures of that magnitude are know to cause great and terrible effects on the land around them.

Corvus Septum neared their destination as they began their descent from the mountains, passing through a narrow canyon. The ground rattled with a loud thud as a mountain troll dropped in behind them to attack.


Everyone was able to avoid succumbing to the stomp attack, but Eleanora got kicked back 20-feet one time. Ethne was able to deliver the killing blow, saving the day.

From a good vantage point in the hills, the group could see the remains of the Citadel, and could stop two entrances to what remained of the complex. A main entrance and a side tunnel.


The group chose the tunnel and discovered an entrance that seemed to have come about after the destruction of the former Brotherhood stronghold. The first room they came to was filled with rubble and debris, with all the doors boarded up and barricaded shut.


The group plowed forward and found a room partially submerged in what seemed like shallow water, only to discover a handful of nihilistic zombies emerge from the pool. Later it would be learned that they served an ancient aboleth far below this structure.


Here Burpuller surveys the complex to see where to go next.


Another room was charred and singed with four undead creatures, two skeletons on fire and two skeletons with four arms each.


In a far corner of this level the group found a sewer entrance that would later be learned that leads to a level of strange happenings down there. Also, one of the items needed by Morthos (Blue Infusing Stone) was found in this room.


This was a strange room. The climate had been changed to a humid jungle, filled with undead from the continent of Xilo, including a creature they kept throwing up on Eleanora.


Once this level was cleared up (although the group would need to return when they found the missing candlestick from the altar) they crept up the stairs to the next level, coming out in the storage room.


Here was partial battlement area that had been taken over by a tribe of orcs. The battle raged inside the partial fortress…


and on top of the fortress.


Burpuller got dropped at one point but the crew managed to save the day.


But not before one of the orcs escaped the warn the others.


I’m pretty sure the group returned to the Undead level to rest up before pushing on. The saga continues in Citadel Portals.


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