The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

A United Brind-Amor

Between Ages (2nd and 3rd)


The Coalition Forces were successful and they had defeated the Doombringer Orcs at the Battle of Nigrum Ursus. The victory not only saved the lives of all of the good people of Brind-Amor, but it united them together.

Over the following years, some strayed from the united front. The Elves of the Talenth Forest retreated back to the confines of the Talenth Forest after, what they perceived to be, a half-hearted attempt to assist them when another outbreak of undead incurred in their lands.

The Broken Tusks Tribe suffered heavy casualties during the war and their was a strong resentment to the other forces as they felt they were set up at fodder for orcs to destroy as the rest of the Coalition Forces secured victory. For the most part they had secluded themselves in their homelands in the Hilthe Mountains, but they do stray and single out attacks against anyone from the city of Elon found throughout Brind-Amor. Their hatred runs deep and has remained strong the past 70 years.

While those two factions had a falling out from the Coalition, others thrived in the new world. The Galadinthar Elves rose to prominence after the war as this ushered in a new era of arcane studies and cooperation. They had even gone as far as establishing Arcane Universities throughout the land, inviting anyone with the aptitude to apply for admission.


But most of all, Elon was viewed as the true victors of the Battle, it was their Council of Elders that organized the Coalition and it was the Champions of Elon that led the charge into battle, commanding and organizing the troops. The city of Elon swelled with an influx of people. Many Brind-Amorians saw the opportunities there, between the House of Scribe, the Elon Devout, a growing economy, and the fact that all of the Champions hailed from this fair city. Today, Elon is by far the largest city in Brind-Amor, boasting a population of over 40,000 residents and has become the capital of Brind-Amor, where the Lord of Brind-Amor sits.


In this a more united setting, it was seen that a government from the various cities and peoples of Brind-Amor was needed. The logical place for this was Elon, and thus the Brind-Amor Confederacy Building was built and it is led by an official, elected by the representative, called the Lord of Brind-Amor. This position is used more for organization purposes than to rule, as the Confederacy body makes decisions. The city of Elon itself is still ruled by the Council of Elders, but the Confederacy is based in Elon as well (like how the UN is in New York).

The current Lord of Brind-Amor is Esbjorn Broske, a young, charismatic man from Nigrum-Ursus who continues to gather resources and information, and seeks to help smaller communities wherever the Confederacy can.


The land of Brind-Amor has enjoyed a renaissance of knowledge. Starting from the voyage of the Champions of Elon, to the formation of the Brind-Amor Confederacy, a good deal of knowledge has been shared around the land. Hilthe Mountain Dwarves are now able to learn arcane magics and Odenburg halflings can become paladins of Southwatch, to name a few examples. The House of Scribe has tripled in size, accumulating as much knowledge and information as they possible can. They have increased so much that they have split into two sub-factions. Scribers, who record all knowledge and information, and the Inventors, who put knowledge into action and invest new devices. Most noted of their inventions was the limited use of gunpowder. A great start to this invention stemmed from the discovery of the Shipwreck long ago, but the Inventors have been able to reproduce that on ships currently being built. They have had some success with smaller, personal ones as well, something that a person could carry and fire themselves.


The Scribers, along with the Galadinthar Elves, have shown great interest in the study of the Pillars and Skyland. They have learned that Skyland lands about every six years in the same place between the Lessendia Forest and the Farathon Woods. They understand how it works in concept, but not science/magic behind it. It seems to be a naturally occurring floating island, but in a secret room inside the mountain on Skyland, controls were found for operate and fly Skyland. Before those studying it would try to take control of it, they need to learn a great deal more about and have left it on autopilot for now. Also, found on Skyland on the tiny island on the lake was a very mysterious object known as the Drakor Orb.


A great deal of time and efforts have been spent researching the Pillars found throughout Brind-Amor. Scholars believe that the world is littered with the transportation devices, and that they were built by an ancient race perhaps the same that lived in Skyland. The Pillars are indestructible, and only removing the Jewel of the Pillar has any effect on them. But they are more than transportation devices. Artifacts have been found and associated with each Pillar. The Staff of Kree-e-ar at the Jayt Valley Pillar, the Amulet of the Heavens at the Hilthe Mountain Pillar, and some believe the Drakor Orb is linked to the Skyland Pillar.

One disturbing fact about the Pillars is the strange sighting of The Scourge around the Pillars. Three of the four known pillars (no one travels to the Aradesh Desert Pillar) has seen flyovers of The Scourge throughout the years.

In addition to all of races/cities/factions that fought in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus a two new group have emerged to join the cause. The first are the Dwarves of the Dwynnen Hills. They are hill dwarf druids who focus on and protect the land around them. They have joined the Confederacy and assisted with the cause as much as they can.


The other is not an organized group but a handful of individuals. Six in fact, and their joining is spread out over the last decade. They are Doombringer Orcs.

All of the orcs have enlisted with the Elon Devout, each on their own and at different times. They are from various tribes within the Doombringer Orcs who have grown tired of the constant in-fighting associated with the Orcs. Each of the Six are good natured creatures, willing to help out wherever they can. The Elon Devout deliberated long and hard about allowing Mul the First into their organization, but eventually Mul won them over and served admirably until his death a few years ago. Very few people in Elon or the world fully trust these orcs, but they do trust the decisions of the Elon Devout. While it has only been a handful of orcs, not one of them has ever given any reason to distrust them. Not once.

While new groups emerged, others changed. The Emerald Viper Clan, no longer under the control of Merrshaulk the spirit naga, regrouped to form the Emerald Circle and they were bent on dealing with Merrshaulk once and for all. Though only a select few know, through the Book of Beasts, killing Merrshaulk would prove very difficult. The naga had recruited others to serve her, the Followers of the Scourge would do her bidding now. The Emerald Circle does what they can, attacking the Followers wherever they can.

The Razortooth Sahuagin and their relationship with Elon hasn’t changed much over the year. It is more common to see them in the city, and not just for the Tests of Reshk. The biggest news from them is when it was learned that they had wiped out a colony of aquatic elves that lived not far outside of Attlica Bay. While no Elonian knew of these elves and it was difficult to feel sorrow for them, the Council of Elders was stirred by this news. Had the Champions of Elon unknowingly helped them in this massacre? After some debate it was decided that Elon must remain committed to their longest known friends of these parts.

A Red Comet streaked across the skies for over a week. Some feared this a harbinger of war, others saw this as a sign of promise. Surely everyone in the world saw it, and the House of Scribe decreed it to signal the start of the calendar.

Sure enough, a year later, the Doombringer Orcs led by Zurgha the Prevailer launched an attack on Nigrum-Ursus in 1st Year of the Red Comet. They have not made any attacks in the last 50 some years since the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, and this one was quickly stamped out by the Confederacy, and the Doombringers have not been heard of since.


Recently attention has turned back to exploration. Years ago construction began on the United Pride; a galleon made to traverse the deep ocean and explore the world. The Tests of Reshk, now including contestants from around Brind-Amor, commenced and the winners were placed onboard the United Pride and it sailed off on a 5-year mission, leaving the dock of Elon in the 19th Year of the Red Comet.


Seven years have gone by.

Elon, along with the help of the Confederacy, hastily built another galleon, the Sea Word, that would travel into the world to see what happened to the United Pride and continue its mission of exploration. The winners of the Tests of Reshk will command the ship and be tasked with this noble and dangerous mission as we begin the 3rd Era of the Epic Campaign in the 26th Year of the Red Comet.



  • 0 – Red Comet passes through the sky
  • 1 – Zurgha the Prevailer leads Doombringer Orcs attack Nigrum-Ursus
  • 16 – Tests of Reshk winners set to be officers on the United Pride
  • 19 – United Pride departs, set to return in 5 years
  • 24 – United Pride does not return
  • 26 – Tests of Reshk winners set to be officers on the Sea Word and search for United Pride, 3rd Era of Epic Campaign begins

Available Races for 3rd Era:

  • Human (Elon, Nigrum-Ursus, Southwatch, Rothia, other)
  • Dwarf (Hilthe Mountain Dwarf, Dwynnen Hill Dwarf)
  • Elf (Galadinthar High Elf, Talenth Wood Elf)
  • Halfling (Odenburg Lightfoot Halfling)
  • Half-Elf (Galadinthar Forest)
  • Orc (The Six)
  • Warforged (Unique – Triton 714)

Available Classes (all from PHB) from 3rd Era

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard

The story continues in Voyage into the Great Sea



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