The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Arethrion Elves Breakout

3rd Era - 13th Session

The Senior Officers of the Sea Word and Nythsailleath Whitestorm planned out the prison breakout to free her fellow Arethrion Elves before they would be executed in the morning.

Triton 714 would watch the front door, Gertz would go through the sewers, and the rest would use the rope of climbing to gain access to the roof to take out the guards on top. The timing was perfect; two guards were immediately taken out while they waited for the other two to pop up. Four guards down, they snuck into the prison.


Meanwhile, Gertz dealt with some spiders in the sewers and was about to infilitrate the prison from below as well.


While Captain Jaffe leading the way, the group picked out targets on the first floor and started to take them out. The attack was efficient and quick and soon all eight guards and the captain were dead, and the Arethrion Elves were free from their cells.


Triton busted in through the front door and informed the rest that an alarm had been raised. The group made a mad dash to the tudor house on the north side of the prison that Nyth said had a trapdoor leading to an escape route. The group busted into the house and quickly found the trapdoor, nailed shut. Wil the Bloody bashed the trapdoor open, but it revealed it had been sealed over years ago. Nyth shouted that there must be another way to access it, and Gertz mentioned that he saw an old well behind the house. With the guards closing in on them, the group ran out and pulled up the boards and sure enough, they found their escape route


The elves, using their darkvision, could see water at the bottom of this well, leading into a large underground chamber. Everyone jumped in and the last person recovered the well up before plunging into the water.


Something caught the eye of Triton in the next chamber and he moved toward it. It was a statue of Ao the Warrior on a pedestal in the middle of the waist deep water. Triton moved closer to investigate it. He saw strange slash mark on the statue, consistent with those from bladed weapons. Triton experienced another flashback and stood frozen on the pedestal next to the statue.


While this happened, the surface of the water started to bubble. Slow at first, then progressively faster as a green algae-like ooze start to condense on the surface. It morphed into a humanoid shape, and a Corrupting Ooze took form and attacked the group. The heroes were victorious but not before the ooze dissolved Wil the Bloody’s armor in the process.


Triton finally came to his senses and only said that he had seen this particular statue before. Gertz asked if it was here in this exact location, but Triton couldn’t be certain.

The next chamber the group found was a storage room left behind by the Arethrion Elves benefactor in Savarius. Weapons, armor, disguises, dry foods, and some healing potions, were gathered up by everyone before proceeding any further.

The group moved forwards towards the exit when they saw strange lights from the next chamber. They transitioned between pale amber and light blue. The group went to investigate and they found a stunning growth of phosphorus lights on the ceiling of this chamber, illuminating the skeletal remains of a human clutching a treasure chest at the far end of the room. Wil the Bloody was sent forward to investigate and then the Cavelight Moss sprung to life and attacked.


The creature was very formidable and orders were shouted to exit the room, but Wil the Bloody got caught up in one of its tendrils. The group had to focus on the creature and defeat it before Wil could be freed. After gathering the treasure the group proceed to find a long, winding exit to the far side of the island.


Nyth showed the group the boat that she left here, as part of the escape plan. What she had no explanation for was the second rowboat that was parked next to hers. She only brought one boat, big enough for her and the other four elves to escape on. The second boat was similar but not the same as hers, but it was securely fastened to the shore and bore no evidence as to who left it or why.


After a collective shrug, everyone climbed in the two boats and set off for Caromago Island were the crew of the Sea Word would rendezvous with them.

It took two long day to row over to it, partly because Nyth wanted to pass by the next island at night. She said that although the town of Nurisa was on the opposite side as they were passing, it would be safer to do so at night to help avoid any traffic. The reached Caromago Island in the morning but the Sea Word was no where in sight. Which was strange because the Sea Word should have gotten here in a fraction of the time it took them. It was suggested that perhaps the Sea Word dropped anchor at another part of the island. The snow elves agreed to circle the island in search of the ship, giving the Senior Officers time to explore the rumor that Quenvalur overheard in Savarius:


The group headed for the center of the island and as they approached they started to feel the strange effects. An arcane ripple, emanating from the oasis in the center, knocked them back at one point. For some strange reason, Wil the Bloody theorized that the magics here are ancient and primal. Finally the group came to the Oasis.


Before them was a blood-colored pool surrounded by withering vegetation that sits at the feet of three towering stone columns. The columns were very large, had no doors or windows, but seemed like they might be hollow on the inside. Opposite the columns was a large dial, that when turned, would lower the blood-colored water out of the pool and into the columns. When the pool was emptied, the group could see a door that descended into the group in its center. Next to it was the Aqium wizard, dead and covered in rune tattoos. Suddenly the tops of the columns burst open and water shot into the air and back towards the pool where it took the shape of a large water elemental.


The two sides fought for some time, and each time to elemental was hit with a weapon, water would fly off it and land in a peculiar pattern. When the fight was over the splash marks wrote out the phrase, “Before words were divine ambitions”.


During the fight, Gertz made a run for the door and proceeded inside where he encountered a strange thing. A pile of armor animated into humanoid form and where its heart was, was a tiny evil fey creature inside of a magical sphere who looked angry. The suit or armor rushed forward and attacked Gertz. The rest of the group eventually caught up and saw the suit of armor fighting with what appears to be a werewolf in near silence (sound only travels five feet in this room). The armor was destroyed and the Mamura was ejected from the suit and popped out to attack. Gertz reverted back to his natural form, later saying that it was an illusion type of manifestation on his part. The mamura was a strange creature, as its mind operates in multiple dimensions in time as well as space. It babbled constantly, all gibberish except for a short phrase in common, “the cycle turns again.” The group fought and destroyed the evil fey creature.


From here they proceeded to the strange metal door that led to a small alcove with the words, “Here rises the end” above it. Here, sound could be heard, a musical chord that plays faintly at first, but grows as the group approached. Here they found several interesting items. A green infusing stone (+2), an Iron Flask, and the Ritual of Endings. Triton also scooped up the remnants of the suit of armor on his way out.

The Sea Word finally arrived but it came bearing bad news. The ship was attacked by a sea creature, that was described as, “an unnatural beast with the unholy union of a squid and a spider.” Crewman Carl said that the creature absconded with most of the crew and took them back to his icy lair of a mysterious iceberg. The snow elves were able to fill in some of the blanks. The creature is known as a Krake Spawn that normally dwells in the far northern region, but occasionally ventures south in search of slaves and magic.


The Sea Word was loaded up and the sailed out looking for the iceberg. It wasn’t terribly difficult to find, they just needed to stay on a course towards colder air. Sure enough, in the middle of a dense fog, they came across the iceberg and landed their rowboats on it.


It didn’t take long to find a natural access to the interior of the iceberg, Un’Goro discovered the only way in was to slide down, one at a time, into the vent and hope for the best. Wil the Bloody was elected to go first. He landed inside and gained the attention of a Lake Troll.


One by one the crew entered the interior and eventually they gained the upper hand in the fight. They were aided by a couple of crewmates that were trapped behind an ice-rock who were shouting instructions to them. The Lake Troll took a beating but kept getting up. Un’Goro finally figured out that the regeneration property would cease to work only when the creature suffered both fire and cold damage while it was dead. The group moved forward into the main chamber.

In this area the rest of the crew, along with a handful of regular townsfolk, were frozen along the perimeter of the chamber, while a large pool of water, an access point to the ocean in the middle of the chamber. The senior officers immediately started to free the captives but it wasn’t long before the Krake Spawn appeared.


Its eight tentacles and bite attacked proved to be a formidable foe for the group. Un’Goro kept it busy by sending in waves of octopi at it. At one point the Krake Spawn dove back under the water to concentrate on the octopi, giving the crew just enough time to rescue the rest of their comrades. During a desperate moment, the Iron Flask was uncorked and a Xorn appeared and was ordered to attack the Krake Spawn. It dove under the water once again.


At this time, Un’Goro was able to locate the treasure and library room in the iceberg (which contained a good amount of spellbooks). As the mass exodus took place, two crewmen returned from another side passage and informed everyone that they had destroyed a bunch of eggs in a hatchery. Everyone dashed for the exit as the Krake Spawn returned once again.

Luckily, everyone made it back to the ship and the Krake Spawn never appeared again. In the process, the ship did lose one crewman in addition to two Junior Officers; Orugash the Gallant and the most recently appointed, Gertz Greypaw.

The Arethrion Elves asked if they could be dropped off near the town of Basti, a town on an island in the mouth of Emperor Bay. Nyth bid farewell and thanked the heroes for their efforts. She gave Un’Goro a necklace (Beads of Prayer) and said any Arethrion Elf in Northern Decius would recognize him as a friend.

The ship debarked and briefly visited the town of Basti. They met a few interesting individuals, including a blacksmith named Kel Keniz. Kel does little work for the Empire, repairing equipment for the local Galerius Brotherhood, but is willing to do some stuff they may not be happy about, on the side. Trition was talking to him about working the fragments of his armor into plating which he could incorporate into his own armor.

Interesting news came about when the group learned that the King of the Hill Tournament was about to take place in Centum Treyopolis in a few days.


Wil the Bloody rubbed his forehead, “We need to be there for that. I don’t know why, but we must.”

The story continues in King of the Hill Tournament.



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