The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Battle of Anavio, Part 2

4th Era - 25th Session

Corvus Septum had completed two of the three quests asked for by Queen Seera of the Alimlar Domain. Last was to disrupt the supply chain from Hopewell Port to the Legion of Aqium camp just south of Anavio and the Previn River

Brenna, Evaine, and Ethne converge of the supply hub and from the safety of some nearby ruins, witnessed the whole process, wagons were randomly loaded with goods in Hopewell Port and brought to this supply depot. Here a clerk reorganized the wagon so that all of its contents were headed to the same destination. Then a second clerk would instruct the driver where to deliver his goods.


They also learned that this location only contain a handful of guards and is mostly made up of laborers. They saw all of the different colored destination tokens (blue, green, red, silver, and gold) and learned that the destinations included the main camp, the front lines, special items, weapons and armor, and siege equipment. They discussed the best way to disrupt this process.

DM Note: I always like to have an idea of what I think would work and see if the players can come up with that idea, or a better idea. My idea was for them to reroute all the goods to the wrong destinations. The group came up with an idea to reroute the goods directly to Anavio. Unfortunately, they ended up developing a different idea.

Ethne popped out from the ruins and put on a mesmerizing show of big performance and high production value, by using her Aura of Jubilation ability. She was also accompanied by her sister Evaine who threw thoughts into the minds of the guards and laborers.


This was all part of a distraction to allow Brenna to slink around the area and slip into the long building on the opposite side. There she found maps that detailed delivery locations as well as a handful of the tokens used to signify locations. Before leaving, Brenna started a fire in the building while the three of them raced back to Anavio. They would never learn that the fire was put out in time before it spread very far.


Brenna had a though to lead a quick strike on the forces around the siege weapons before returning to Queen Seera, but quickly decided better of it when she saw hundreds of soldiers, minotaurs, giants, and wizards located there.

Back in the city, Corvus saw that the city was under attack. Guards raced around the town while citizens ran for cover. Queen Seera pulled the heroes aside and said that someone (most likely Senrith) had let in hundreds of Aqium soldiers and she ordered Corvus to defend an inner courtyard while she organized guards to that position.


Corvus held up their end of the deal and Ethne was particularly helpful as she doled out temporary hit points on a regular basis.. They hold them off for 10 rounds until the Anavio Guards could take over.

After a quick rest the main assault on Anavio began. Aqium Wizards had solved the Previn River problem by using arcane magics to form a mystic platform over the river for them to bring the siege weapons across. Night falls on the city as scores of flaming rock fly across the sky to smash into the walls of the city.

Queen Seera brought you to the battlements so she might describe her orders:

The battle is going to be won or lost in the next hour. There are three things we need to do.
1 – Take out the siege weapons
2 – Rescue Legate Emeka
3 – Obtain a treasure chest of residium.

Last the Queen asked them to do their best and return if they felt they were in danger where they can all regroup. The Queen also released her Queen’s Infantry to provide them with some cover on the battlefield as they carried out her orders as best they could.

The first step was the rescue the prisoner, Legate Emeka. In choosing this, they had to go through two undead minotaurs.


Acting first, Corvus was able to slip past them before they could reacts, and were long gone as the turned their attention back on the assault. From here, the heroes made it to the area where the dragonborn was being kept.


He was tied to a pole while a wizard, a minotaur, and a could of guards looked over some battle plans. Corvus was able to get the jump on them. Ethne got the Minotaur to attack one of the guards while the others wiped of the wizard and the remaining soldiers. A grateful Emeka picked up a weapon as the entire group made their way to the siege weapons.

Evaine knocked out the soldiers manning the cannons with a water attack as she and Emeka quickly dispatched the one that survived. Ethne managed to control the hill giant a majority of the time and convinced him to smash the trebuchets before running off. The evoker was very challenging and during the fight, Brenna got dropped and Emeka nearly got dropped, but the heroes managed to take him down as well.

The heroes chose to duck through the hail of arrows to reach the siege weapons area.

The group caught their breath and decided to press on to the residium treasure. Before doing so, Ethne raiding the healing potion stashes of both Brodus and Waverly, and healed everyone up. To get to the treasure, the heroes and to slip past a charmed giant minotaur, once again thanks to the efforts of Ethne.

An owl familiar of the wizard here notified him of Corvus sneaking up on them as he inspected the contents of the chest. He quickly formed a battle line of soldiers while he cast arcane spells from the back.


Half of the soldiers got frightened by Brenna’s staff, but the wizard countered with Ice Storm. Brenna turned invisible and then used Shadow Walk to get past the line of defense.


Brenna zapped the wizard with Witch Bolt and the wizard countered with Misty Step and pummeled the heroes with spells, dropping Brenna in the process. Evaine and Ethne manage to charm the wizard long enough to grab the chest and make a mad dash back to the city with it.

The group retired for the evening for some well deserved and much needed rest.

They awoke to a commotion on the battlements. Fearing that the Legion had resumed the attacks, they raced to see the disturbance. A huge army of Ashillwynn Archers emerged from the treeline to the west near the Dreq Swamp and began raining arrows down on the Aqium camp. Wave after wave further complicates things for the Legion as they slowly start to organize. Queen Seera, seizing the opportunity released her cavalry to sweep through the camp and try to wipe them out once and for all.


Everything looked good until Queen Seera pointed back towards the swamp, What the hell are they doing?!?


From the marsh emerged the lizardfolk, led by Chief Shuuth. They drew their weapons and closed the distance between them and the unsuspecting elves, who are now badly outnumbered.

The Queen gasped, realizing she had overextended her forces, The cavalry will get pinned down between the Legion and the Lizardfolk, the Ashillwynn Archers will get wiped out, and we’ll have nothing left to defend the city!

She turned to the group, I thought we had a deal with them! You go out and fix this right now! Everything depends on you! Kill Chief Shuuth!

Corvus Septum raced across the battlefield to defend the Ashilwynn Elves and they ran right into a force of lizardfolk that included a subek. In the distance they could see waves of lizardfolk emerging from the Dreq Swamp.


The crocodile-like creature dealt out massive amounts of damage, and the heroes were in dire straights.


Evaine was nearly dropped but the day was saved when a handful of elven archers managed to slip away from battle and lend a hand to the battle.


The group had a second to catch their breath before the next wave arrived, this one included a shaman, who cast plant growth followed by spike growth, and then heat weapon. on Rigel 108.


Everyone on the battlefield paused in horror as overhead they saw and heard a tremendous battle taking place between Aventilar and Krazinor.


The heroes finally got the upper hand when Evaine dropped the shaman just as she her shadow hounds blinked out of existence.

The break was brief as the final wave of lizardfolk emerged from the marsh, this one led by Chief Shuuth, who bellowed with laughter, stating that the heroes were foolish enough to believe him before.


The fight was fierce but brief and Chief Shuuth was slain. The rest of the lizardfolk broke off their attacks and slinked back into the swamp. Krazinor the Red had defeated Aventilar overhead, but suffered a good deal of injuries, so he flew away to recuperate.

By this time Corvus found themselves a fair distance into the swamp and from here they headed north to the foothills for easier travel. Up ahead, they spotted a thin wisp of smoke from a small campfire. Cautiously they approached.


They overhead a conversation between three people: a human fighter, a female elven druid, and a tiefling ranger. They discuss potential locations of where someone might have gone.

Corvus announced themselves to the group and approached. The fighter put away the map he was looking at and hailed back. The tiefling interrupted: Have you seen a man, an older man, grey beard, brown cloak covered in vines?

The fighter shot him a dirty look, but the tiefling continued, Giant two-handed sword? Also covered in vines? Have you seen him? Please say yes.

Now that the secret was out, the fighter made introductions. I am Sir Gregory, this is Ozron (tiefling) and that is Delthana (elf druid) and we are members of the Shields of Autumn. An organization of like-minded people who revere nature. We are searching for one called the Warrior of the Woods. We have been for some time.

A few more questions from the group gained a little more information. The Shield of Autumn believe that this fabled person is the rightful leader of the Shield, and they heard from the bullywugs of the Dreq Swamp that he was recently seen in this direction. Corvus wished them well before departing.

As the heroes limped home to the Anavio gates, they were pleased to see that most of the Queen’s Cavalry had returned as well. Thanks to Corvus Septum, the cavalry was able to cut through the Legion camp like a hot knife.

From the looks of it, the battle of Anavio has been won! The story continues in Operation Stator Mines.

The story continues in Operation Stator.



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