The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Battle of Geargrind Island

3rd Era - 12th Session

The crew of the Sea Word continued in the mansion of Glynxidor, hoping that he was still alive and could perhaps be able to explain what happened to the United Pride, of which he was once a part of. The library was the next room they investigated and Captain Jaffe spotted a book on an unusual desk at the far end. He called Triton 714 over to examine it but desk lashed out and grabbed the arm of the warforged and drew him in for a bite. The battle was on and the crew made quick work of the mimic and the second homunculus they found.


The heroes proceed down to the sanctum and saw two of the three seals now open. They returned to the tower to find and destroy the third homunculus in order to break the final seal. They burst into the room to find Glynxidor standing in an arcane circle surrounded by various body parts. Next to him was the abomination he created. Part of Ellenthel, his love, and parts of a handful of villagers whom the ogres kidnapped.


Glynxidor would fly into a rage whenever he saw his beloved Ellenthel attacked and the heroes were able to use this to their advantage. As soon and the flesh golem was downed, the elf wizard was soon to follow.

From here they explored the nearby bedroom and found more notes on creating a flesh golem. Along with some other valuables, they found plans for armor plating on a ship. the nightmare was over, the nearby town could now find peace. But the mystery of the United Pride remains.

The crew headed back to Nightrock and told them the news. The wizard who helped them in the past was dead, and the ogres, which he controlled, would no longer be a problem. the town raised a reward together for their efforts but Captain Jaffe gallantly declined it, and in fact he gave them a platinum piece to help them start over again.

The Sea Word bid farewell to Razor Spine Island and entered the open water, but Quartermaster Harruq called a stop to the ship and dove into the waters. When he finally emerged, he had a grim look on his face, but quickly ordered the ship to resume sailing.

From here the Sea Word sailed back to Geargrind Island to get fitted for the new armor plating they discovered. Along the way, William the Bloody had a vision that he would relate to the others. Much later, but still. His vision included a conversation between what appears to be a ship referred to as the Ironclad, and possibly a base referred to as Netherford.


As the Sea Word neared Geargrind Island, Un’Goro in the crow’s nest spotted two Tempest Swarm ships laying siege to the canopy around the bay in front of the city of Filbiklink. The two ships fired blasters from just out of range of the gnomish swivel cannons on the canopy. Then something caught his eye. Just to the south was a fog bank, and ducking into the fog bank was a ship the kind no one has ever seen before, with a cylindrical stack protruding from the center of the ship where the main mast would be. From that cylinder was plumes of dark smoke. Seconds later, the ship ducked into the fog and was never seen again.

The sea battle was on and the first maneuver the Sea Word performed was to try and push the Tempest Swarm ships closer to the canopy so they would come under fire of the swivel cannons.


The three ships circled around each other and fired, but the pirate ships would still take the occasional shot on the canopy and it started to buckle on the western side. Captain Jaffe ordered a daring maneuver, slipping in between the two ships to make use of the Master Gunner’s Broadside attacks. Both pirate ships were rocked by all guns firing at once. Minutes later, the Thundering Wave was adrift, but the Blacksail still had power.


Both the Sea Word and the Blacksail were heavily damaged, and Kaithor Blacksail ordered the Sea Word to be boarded. The Blacksail closed the gap and latched onto the Sea Word and crewmen started to board. Harruq lept across the gap between the ships and fought toe-to-fin with the first mate of the pirate ship and the captain. Slowly the Sea Word gained the upper hand and they swarmed the pirate ship, killing Captain Blacksail and essentially ended the Tempest Swarm threat in the Styrc Isles.

Minutes later the Thundering Waves was sunk and the Sea Word was towing the Blacksail ship back into the harbor of Filbiklink. The surviving gnomes cheered the heroes arrival and they celebrated well into the night.

The next morning Harruq told everyone the news he learned. The leader of the Razortooth Sahuagin tribe, Baron Sekolah was dying and he wanted Harruq to succeed him as leader. The baron was fearful of another Sahuagin he knew of coming in and taking over, leading the Razortooth down a different path. Harruq said he must return immediately to Brind-Amor and take this honorable position.


Later that day the Master Tinker met with the heroes and thanked them for removing the Tempest Swarm threat from the Styrc Isles. She reward them with Infusing Stones for the senior officers. She then let them in on a secret.

She led them up into the mountains to a well excavated cave, and inside that cave was the Geargrind Island Pillar.


The gnomes has discovered this a long time ago, but know nothing of its operation. It has never been powered up and remains a mystery to them. Captain Jaffe offered to power it up with the Jewel of the Pillar they discovered in the shipwreck of the Aluredes. He did and once he entered it he found that only the Skyland Pillar was lite up, and the Jayt Valley Pillar was not lit up. The senior officers decided to briefly head back to Brind-Amor while the ship was in the docks for weeks, and report on what they found so far in their journey. Captain Jaffe teleported back to Brind-Amor and then the light to the Skyland Pillar went out.

Seconds turned into minutes and everyone was starting to get worried. Finally after 20 minutes, Captain Jaffe returned in a flash, shaking his head.

The captain said he met with Selussa Alealyth on Skyland and she told a story of how an arcane researcher named Tinesia recently spotted a new location pop up on the inside panel of the pillar. Tinesia went through to the other location and has never been heard of since, and that other pillar is no longer active, nor does anyone know which one it was.

Being fearful of Ao know what coming through the pillar, the Council of Elders decided that it would be best to leave the pillars unpowered with the exception being for a few minutes at noon and midnight each day for those to travel from Skyland to the Jayt Valley Pillar.

Over the next three weeks the Sea Word completed its repairs and were refitted with the new armor plating. Reginald Berric, father of Ellenthel, arrived from Ston Cay and demanded to know what happened to his daughter. He was none too pleased with the news and warned that he was well respected and known within the Decius Empire. Two more deckhands were hired, in addition to the four that were hired in Nightrock. Captain Jaffe promoted Un’Goro to the position of Quartermaster and the elf Quenvalur was made a senior officer and took Un’Goro vacated roll of Boatswain. Also, Captain Jaffe took a liking to the newest Junior Officer, Gertz Greypaw who joined when they returned to Nightrock. Some of the other officers are a little leery of him, refereeing to him as “Slimy Pete” behind his back.

About this time Captain Jaffe began a series of nightmares that would lead him to believe that he was in hell. In these nightmares, time would slow to a crawl. This one seemed to cover the span of 100 years of pain and suffering, all stemming from the slave brand he suffered recently from the Scourge attack. He finally came to, and realized his 100-yeard imprisonment in hell only last a few minutes. Two deckhands looked at him with fear, but the captain realized he had forgotten their names a hundred years ago.

With the ship under full repair the Sea Word set sail for the Decius Empire. It took them about a week to reach it and at the last moment, Wil the Bloody remembered that he had a vision were he suggested to the captain that the sails be changed since the Decius empire was on the lookout for their ship. Of course he only remembered this when he saw Triton frantically painting the sails as they sailed into the docks of the town of Savarius.

The senior officers disembarked and while walking through the dock area, Quenvalur overheard a conversation between two boat captains in regards to the island of Caromago.


A commotion drew the crowds to the town center, people dropped what they were doing and assembled around a stage near the town jail. On the stage were four, pale-skinned elves, surrounded by guards bearing the Galerius Brotherhood emblem on their armor, one of them was a dragonborn, similar to the one the Un’Goro saw in his vision.


One of the guards stepped forward to speak to the eager crowd:

Subjects of the Savarius, today is a glorious day for the Decius Empire.  The Galerius Brotherhood has made out lands safer today as we have apprehended these traitorous bastards as they planned an attack on our capital of Centum Treyopolis.  (gasps).  They are known rebels and terrorists, who have killed countless innocents (boos), stolen from our citizens, and have wronged us all.  (burn them!) These…snow elves…will be executed in the morning when Chancellor Julius Cassius arrives (crowd cheers)

At the same time Un’Goro noticed a cloaked figure near the edge of the crowd, hood drawn over their head and a person who is not cheering at all. The bartender of the nearby tavern stepped up and offered free ale for everyone at the Silver Wand in thanks for the Brotherhood keeping them safe. The crowd applauded and headed over in that direction. Un’Goro then lost site of the cloaked figure.

At the Silver Wand, drinks were passed out and a couple of toasts were made, one for the Brotherhood, and one for Death to the Elves. Again, Un’Goro spotted the cloaked figure whose pale hands were holding a drink. And again, Un’Goro lost him.

The heroes snagged the last room and headed up for the night. Able to speak freely, Un’Goro told them about the mysterious person. Late in the middle of the night, Triton heard footsteps on the roof and poked his head out, and saw the cloaked figure himself. Greeting were made and soon he came in from the rooftop to speak.


Pulling back the hood reviled a female snow elf. She introduced herself as Nythsaillaeth Whitestorm, or Nyth for short. She is an Arethrion Elf from Northern Decius. She was part of the group that got captured as they were on their way to the capital of Centum Treyopolis to engage in attacks against the empire. The Empire seeks to enslave them as they did the dragonborn. She managed to escape and follow them back to Savarius. She has an escape plan; the building just to the north of the jail has a trapdoor that leads to an underground escape route, but she needs help breaking the elves out of prison and getting them to that spot. Nyth also explains that this will put them just outside of town at the edge of the island, where she has a small boat hidden there.

Captain Jaffe agrees, none of the others could stand around and see them freed. Plans are made and there is talk of having the Sea Word meet them on the nearby island of Caramago. But they will have to strike in the next few hours as the Arethrion Elves are schedule to be executed in the morning.

The story continues in Arethrion Elves Breakout



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