The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Into Northern Decius

3rd Era - 18th Session

Tetsu-ko looked over all of the notes from Commander Graves desk and tried to put together an idea of what was the mission of the Quiet Fury.

The mission was called Operation Goliath and it came directly from Emperor Gavenius. It was a top secret mission that was to take place near the town of Mlyfenor in Northern Decius. It is not a direct assault on the Arethrion Elves but rather a mission to recover something before the Aqium Wizards do. If the wizards were met, they were to be eliminated with no witnesses, as this could lead to war between the two nations.

The Brind-Amor Fleet sail north through Ice Maw Bay, past the town of Stageton where they saw two Galerius Brotherhood ships dock, and as they reached their destination they saw to warships attacking the Arethrion Elves on land.


The ships moved in to attack and the signaling system the Brind-Amor Fleet established worked out perfectly. They made quick work of the Red Warship before starting on the other.


The White Warship took heavy damage and tried to make a run for it out of the bay. They slipped through for a moment, but were quickly sunk after that.


The Fleet made sure there were no survivors.

Quickly the moved to shore to assist the Arethrion Elves that were under attack and outnumbered, from the Galerius Brotherhood.


It did not take long for the heroes to gain the upper hand in this fight. After Un’Goro showed them the necklace he got from Nyth, they questioned the elves about what had happened.

They all said that this appears to be another attack by the Brotherhood and that their warships have been here many times. They added that their leader, Nythsaileath Whitestorm was looking into a recent sighting of non-brotherhood humans that were seen east of Mlyfenor recently. She left here just before these attacks took place.

Before they left the elves warned them about cells of Brotherhood soldiers all over these mountains.


The heroes found tracks heading east and later came upon a fight between Nyth and her winter wolf and three Brotherhood soldiers. The heroes put them down before they could even turn around.


Nyth thanked them for their help once again and was able to shed some more light on what had been going on here lately:

  • The Brotherhood has been launching attacks here for years now, and their only interest is to enslave or kill us.
  • Recently she had seen Aqium Wizards sneaking into Northern Decius and heading north into the mountains.
  • This is particularly strange as the elves have never seen the Aqium Wizards in their homeland nor have they seen foreigners who did not directly attack them.

Tetsu-ko brought up some of the information she learned from the special secret mission that Commander Graves was on. Between her and Nyth, they were able to piece together what is happening.

They believe the wizards are seeking out the Cave of the Ancients, a holy shrine for the Arethrion elves, where their spiritual leader and the Mountain Kinsmen are frozen. Legend tells that they will come back to life in our most dire time.

Apparently this Operation Goliath was issued with the understanding that the Brotherhood could not let this thing fall into the hands of the Aqium Wizards, and if it did, Commander Graves had to take it back and leave no witnesses to this war-provoking crime.

As the heroes and Nyth headed for the Cave of the Ancient they spotted three Brotherhood soldiers outside of a large cave. The heroes started to move into position to attack but Nyth held them back. Let’s see how this plays out first. she said with a smile. Minutes later they entered the cave, loud noises were heard, and a plume of freezing cold air burst out of the cave entrance.

That is Kathaydus the White, a dragon who is attended by several yeti. The heroes asked if they should deal with this dragon and Nyth shrugged her shoulders. We would be better off with her gone, being so close to our home, but the Brotherhood soldiers keep wandering into that cave.

Instead, the heroes pushed on to the Cave of the Ancients.

The temperature immediately dropped when they entered, and they discovered tracks in the thin layer of snow. Ravenclaw recognized boots, hooves, and some sort of giants had recently passed through here. Most disturbing was that one set of the hooves were much larger than the others.


In the next room they discovered two of the three types of footprints. Three minotaurs and two Thursir Giants waited in here. Before attacking, the giants dropped massive backpacks of gear, equipment, and food that was all used for the expedition here.


After a room with green-ish inchor warm springs the heroes entered the final cavern of the Cave of the Ancients. At the far end of the room, where an excavation had taken place, a minotaur carried the body of a young and beautiful elven woman over his shoulders. Nyth gasped, The Snow Queen!

The minotaur stepped into a portal and behind him was a person that the heroes would grow to despise, The Arch Mage.

The Arch Mage immediately spotted you and motioned to all of his henchmen to kill you before stepping through the portal himself. The Abjurer and two other Aqium Wizards, began casting defensive spells instead of closing the portal as the Arch Mage instructed.

In front of the heroes were two minotaurs and a third that was three-times the size of the others. They raised their weapons and stepped forward.


Partially in a panic, and partially out of curiosity, Un’Goro unleashed the Iron Flask and brought forth the Scourge they were to fight in the King of the Hill Tournament back in Centum Treyopolis.


The heroes pushed forward, battling through the minotaurs as well as the protective sphere around the Abjurer, finally slaying all of the Aqium personnel still in the Caves. Nyth was, once again, thankful for their help but was devastated to see her queen taken from this holy shrine. The heroes found several frozen bodies in large blocks of ice. They were al about 7 to 8-feet tall, 300+ pounds, with very pale skin and black tribal markings or tattoos. These must be the Mountain Kinsmen they heard of before.

Even stranger, the portal remained opened. Neither the Abjurer nor the other wizards managed to close it before they left.

Knowing the only had about 45 minutes left before the Scourge would no longer be under their control, the heroes decided to plunge into the portal to chase down the Arch Mage and save the Snow Queen while they still could.

Nyth wished them well and said she would inform their ships of their decision.

Much later, the heroes would learn that this portal led them into central Aqium to a place called the Temple of Apshai. It was an Egyptian style pyramid filled with strange creatures. The first were Imy-ut Ushabti who were filled with skittering scarabs that would attack when they were hit with slashing weapons, or as they vomited swarms of them on the heroes.

The heroes would prevail and they moved on to the next room. It was a trap, a cloud of darts filled the room hitting everyone.

The heroes caught their breath and leveled up to 9th. However, they are low on spells and they only have about 35 minutes left of control over the Scourge.


The story continues in Central Aqium.



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