The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Operation Dunbar Island

4th Era - 22nd Session

Four members of the newly created strike team, Corvus Septum, arrived in Chancellor Gavin’s office in the Ilthor Kingdom capital of Centum Treyopolis and had an opportunity met each other in the waiting room. Present at this time are:

Evaine (Blaine) Gnome Mystic – Communication Officer
Brodus Longhorn (Caleb) Minotaur Barbarian – Weapons Officer
Waverly (Brick) Elf Rogue – Engineer
Burpuller (MF) Bearfolk Cleric – Medic

Later this session the group met up with:

Rigel 108 (Jordan) Warforged Rogue – Team Leader
Brenna (Wil) Half-elf Warlock – Intelligence Officer

In the next session the group will hopefully find:

Ethne (Lou) Gnome Mystic – Operations Officer

After initial introductions were made, the four could overhear bits and pieces of an argument in the next room. Evaine pressed her ears against the wall to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation.

Someone of authority was upset, Chancellor Gavin mentioned “broken promises of funding for his project”, which the authority figure seemed dismissive about when he replied, “And you really think these seven misfits are going to quell the Aqium Invasion?” Evaine gathered the next part was a compromise of some sort, with Corvus Septum having a chance to prove themselves.

After that conversation was over, Corvus Septum was ushered into Chancellor Gavin’s office.


This was the second time each person of Corvus Septum met Chancellor Gavin, the first time was when he initially recruited each member into this elite, strike force. The chancellor seemed disheartened, “It seems as through your group may already be doomed from the start, which is very troubling since I already have half of your team out on assignment.”

Chancellor smiled and did his best to pick up his spirits, “But we have an opportunity to turn this around, and that is all heroes of your kind need, just a chance.”

Gavin asked if everyone had heard of the King of the Hill Tournament, and assured them that it not a fight to the death any more.

“If you can survive two rounds, Corvus Septum is alive and well. Survive more thatn that, and we can be better provisioned.”

The newly formed group nodded and readied themselves for the tournament.


Two days later Corvus Septum walked through the Warrior Gate and into the arena waiting area. There they found a satchel on a table with a note that read: “Corvus Septum beings today. Make me proud.” Inside the bag were four potions of healing. Two minutes later, Corvus was escorted out into the fighting arena. Circling the hill were a handful of medic and healers, prepared to pounce when a combatant falls in the fight. Atop the hill were three veteran guards, each with minor scrapes and bruises . One of them beats his shield as you approach.

“Defending the Hill are dedicated soldiers and defenders of the Ilthor Kingdom. They are…The Steadfast Guardians!” yelled the announcer to the over joyous crowd, who seemed eager to see the Steadfast Guardians fight again.

“Next up, are a band of misfits, both large and small. They are…Corvus Septum!”

Corvus Septum made short work of the three guards and barely caught their breath before the next wave which was bullywugs from the swamps near Anavio. Which they also put down fairly easily. Corvus Septum will exist!


The third wave were gnolls from the Yennog Hills, and this was a much tougher match, but Corvus survived.


The fourth wave were two giant spiders from the Ashilwynn Forest, and by this time, exhaustion and damage took their toll on the group. Only Evaine and Burpuller remained standing after the spiders were killed.


Things aren’t looking good as the fifth round began with an ogre entering the arena.


The round began and the gnome and bearfolk fought valiantly but succumbed to the large beast. The crowd went crazy with a standing ovation that this group far exceeded expectations by surviving four rounds in the King of the Hill Tournament.

You saw a general ( General Ott) say something to Chancellor Gavin in the stands and storm out of the arena. Gavin came down to the arena to congratulate you as healers tended to your wounds.

“You did it! I knew you would! Bards will sing of this day, the first of many accomplishments! Rest of relax tonight, for tomorrow you are off to Dunbar Island.”

Before Corvus Septum would head out, they were given 500 gp to buy healing supplies for their trip. Having no Operation Officer around, they had to pay full price, and got 10 potions of healing.

The following day they set sail in a small, but fast ship , sailing from Centum Treyopolis and into Alimlar Domain waters to the eastern edge of the Ashilwynn Forest. Here they met up with the warship that was used in the attack as it was here gathering more supplies for the occupation of the island. Just a few hours later they were docking in Dunbar Town.

Here they met Team Leader of Corvus Septum, Rigel 108 and the Intelligence Officer, Brenna. They were able to catch the rest of their team up to speed about what is going on.

The attack wasn’t much of an attack for the Alliance Forces. There were only six Aqium soldiers stationed here in the Mayor’s Manor, and they seemed to be drunk on rum most of the time. The villagers hardly even noticed them. Their defeat was swift. Centurion Arcavius has assumed control of the island and is pretty much full of himself.

The town boasts one tavern, called the Blue Gateway Inn. Fairly unremarkable except that it was built around a Blue Pillar that is without power.

An imprisoned gnome on the island has been asking to see her sisters for some time.

Last, Centurion Arcavius was recently approached by locals who spoke of a disturbance south of town near an old burial mound. He has asked Corvus Septum to look into it.

Evaine wanted to look into the strange gnome asking for her sisters. Upon entering the jail, the very confused guard pointed her out. Evaine new immediately it wasn’t Ethne. The confused guard referred to prisoner as Red Sister since she says that all the time. After stumbling through his story a few times, it was finally learned that this gnome ( Terribeth) was brought to the jail by a couple of her shipmates for murder.


A strange looking dagger was confiscated from her possession when she was jailed. Brodus ended up taking the dagger.


Terribeth stared at the opposite wall the entire time, never saying a word until the team started to leave. She whirled around to look Evaine dead in the eye. I will drink upon your blood, this I swear to the Red Maiden. No one knows anything about a person or organization called the Red Maiden.

Next, the officers went to work on gathering as much information about this mission as they could:. It is the burial mound of Gilliard Wolfclan, a barbarian from 20 years ago. He went mad and the townsfolk killed him and ran off the rest of his tribe. Presumably his tribe built this mound for their fallen leader and died within it themselves as they were never heard from again.

Corvus arrived at the location, an old oak tree, twisted and blackened lies atop a small hill. A stone well leads down into darkness.


Voices could be heard in the next chamber, goblins according to Evaine. Waverly found a secret door but before she could open it, Brodus ducked out the exit of the room to get to them first and fell in a pit.

Corvus ended up fighting and winning a two-sided fight. Goblins led by a two-axe wielding leader on one side, and a goblin shaman and an elf wizard on the other side.


Corvus cleared out the first level and descended through a trap door to the second level. Here, Brodus and Rigel 108 quickly took care of two giant centipedes that snuck in behind them.


Corvus found a shrine of some sort to the Wolf Totem. Brodus seemed to know a barbaric ritual here and lit the candles, healing himself and two others completely with a blessing from the wolf.

The next room they found two dead goblins at a door and logically, that the door was trapped with a poisonous gas. The group got through the door and were standing in front of a handful of skeletons and the ghoul version of Gillard himself, wielding a magic greatsword.

The fight was difficult but Corvus Septum was victorious, Brodus acquired the magic sword for now.


As they exited through the well they heard voices up top. Two minotaurs, known soldiers of the Aqium forces, talking to each other. It was difficult to hear but they were able to pick up a few key words:

  • Ambush
  • New orders
  • Docked
  • Timing of Events


Brenna lets loose her raven who rose through the well and above their heads to listen in on the conversation. She saw that they were joined by a dark elf. who gave the minotaurs orders. “I will sneak back to the Stone Eagle for orders, you two will stick out in town. Get back to camp and await instructions.” the Stone Eagle sounded like a ship.

The three parted; the two minotaurs headed south (to where the Aqium ambush camp was) while the dark elf headed north towards Dunbar Town.


Corvus Septum returned to town to inform Centurion Arcavius what they heard, the Legion of Aqium was planning an attack. Arcavius was outraged, this could jeopardize his victory! He gave orders to attack the Stone Eagle at once, but the level heads of Corvus Septum convinced him to wait while they go investigate first.

Corvus found the Stone Eagle in the docks and waited while remaining hidden. An hour later, the dark elf silently walks down the docks and enters the captain’s quarters of the ship.


Evaine leaves the scene to inform Centurion Arcavius about what they saw, but while she was gone, the dark elf emerged and started to leave. Team Leader Rigel 108 ordered an immediate attack before they lost him. More soldiers from the Stone Eagle emerged when alerted to the fight and the dark elf made a daring escape off the ship and into the water, never to be seen again.


Once the guards were defeated, Corvus Septum made a search of the merchant vessel. Brenna recognized this as being a refitted Parados Shipping Company vessel, most likely repurposed from the Dolaneg Kingdom for use for Aqium war efforts.

Below decks they found cannons hidden behind secret doors, most likely to be used in a surprise attack. The biggest find was not the plan for the attack (the dark elf had them) but a map that indicated how the attack would take place


Evaine returned with Arcavius and everyone looked over the plans. The Centurion ordered his troops to the southern side of town to meet the oncoming Aqium forces, while Corvus Septum would be sent to the Blue Gateway Inn. Evaine made a quick note of the dark elf with a better description of him, and sent it back to command.


By the time Corvus Septum arrived at the inn, the attack had already begun. Aqium wizards and soldiers poured out of the local tavern while citizens ran for their lives.


The streets were on fire, wizards and soldiers pressed the attack in the center of town. Brodus moved up to the second floor to deal with a wizard on the balcony, but got dropped, out of sight from everyone on the ground. Burpuller got to him just in time. During the fight, Evaine ducked into house, and fires psychic energy from the window.


The dark elf made a brief appearance in the streets before ducking back inside the inn. Members of Corvus Septum rushed in but found the dark elf gone, and the pillar unpowered.


The team moved outside to conduct a quick search and Brodus found a guard sneaking away. With no time to call for help he took care of this himself, running him down and capturing him.


The belief is that the dark elf escaped through the pillar and told the last guard to take the jewel so he couldn’t be followed. Through some intimidation, those thoughts proved correct as per the guard.

Results came in from the south gate, Centurion Arcavius survives but only with 6 Ilthorian soldiers left. After some healing for the wounded, 4 more soldiers pulled through.

The stories continues in Operation Zatha



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