The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Operation Stator Mines

4th Era - 26th Session

Rewards from the battle,

Legate (future help, Rhogar the fighter)
Queen Infusing stone and residium
Townfolk, free lodging and reroll a nat 1 in Alimlar
Message comes in, new mission in Stator

Stator, ghost town, To the Broken Dagger inn. Talk to bartender. Aqium came in here about 2 weeks ago, straight to mines, only saw them again when the two came out to take ropes.


Central, very cautious about chipping sound, circle around it. Brodus starts unpiling it, hand stabs at him with knife., uncover him HE is Vetter, been trapped in here two days, thanks them for their help.

Left – Down to the boarded up door, Evaine notices it is it has no nails, just ropes. They send Brenna’s bird in to scout, they recognize it as a rust monster.

Right, come to iron door, thoughts of getting the rust monster. Rigel picks the lock, they find the arcane sealed doorway and as a team they solve the arcane puzzle. They climb down the ladder to the ancient mines

Rooms 1, 2, 8

run into Miner, tells them about Aqium, around the map to room 5, run into roachlings. . Rigel drops.

Slen leads the to room well room, and Brodus climbs down. Says there is a purple arcane door here. Everyone else comes down. The think this leads to the underdark. The rope is pulled up, the well is covered and the voice of Senrith says, “whatever you do, don’t look up”




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