The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Operation Zatha

4th Era - 23rd Session

The island town of Dunbar was saved as Corvus Septum helped defend it from Aqium Legion forces. But not everyone was happy, certainly not Centurion Arcavius.

The blood of the soldiers are on your hands! I was foolish to let you talk me out of sinking the Stone Eagle when I had the chance! You should be court-martialed!

Corvus Septum was assigned latrine duty and carried out that task for the next two weeks while Arcavius put together paperwork for the court martial. During what little free time you had, Brenna was able to take a closer look at the two magical items you acquired:

Vampiric Blade – acquired from Terribeth of the Red Sisters while she was in jail. It is a double-bladed dagger that has an ivory hilt, and its gold pommel is shaped into a woman’s head with ruby eyes and a fanged mouth opened in a scream. This was taken by Waverly.

Greatsword of the Wolf – acquired in the burial mound of the Wolfclan, south of Dunbar town. This greatsword has a leather handle and a series of wolf teeth inlaid on the pommel. The blade is a dull matte grey that gives little reflection in light. This was taken by Brodus.

After the two weeks of crap work it was discovered by Arcavius that he did not have the authority to have you court martialed. Corvus was taken off of latrine duty and resumed normal operations.

The first of two messages came through. The first was details of the mysterious dark elf seen here in Dunbar during the attacks. His name in Senrith A’Daris, a martial arts expert who holds the rank of Sulim in the Legion of Aqium.


The second message was a new mission from Chancellor Gavin. A few weeks ago he had an opportunity to infiltrate the Red Sisters and sent Ethne out on this mission. Now Ethne is in trouble and needs to get herself and two children with her, out of the city of Zatha, which is now under control of Aqium forces.

Corvus Septum met up with Stath Cloudhelm, a fellow operative of Chancellor Gavin, at the docks of Dunbar. He arraigned transportation into Zatha under the cover of night.

Corvus Septum slipped into Zatha, through town, past the guards, and into the sewer system. They followed the directions and soon found Ethne along with two young, frightened children, ages 10 and 8.

Ethne told her tale: The Red Sisters are evil organization of vampires that recently set up here in this former Alimar Domain coastal town. Chancellor Gavin learned that a female gnome named Terribeth was to join the organization in Zatha. Operatives led by Stath Cloudhelm arrested her in Dunbar and threw her in jail. From here, Ethne took her place and traveled to Zatha under the guise that she was Terribeth.

Ethne met with Sister Evi, who was her contact in town. The two worked for Lord Adriel Chespian, the head of a noble house here in Zatha. Terribeth was hired by Lord Chespian to tutor his two children, Todrick and Emily Chespian. Sister Evi kept quiet Ethne’s true purpose with the Red Sisters. Weeks later after she gained the children’s trust, Ethne learned of her role in the Red Sisters. She is to take the kids to the Parlor of Countless Delights, a brothel in town, for them to be sacrificed and drained of their blood.

Of course Ethne was against this and knew she had to get the kids out of town as Sister Evi had plans to kill Lord Chespian herself. Ethne spoke with her local contact, a man by the name of Hendrick Zin, and had him inform command of the situation. He told Ethne to get the kids to her present location and that help would be on the way soon.

Now that Corvus Septum was at full strength, Rigel 108 led them deeper into the caverns to find an exit. In the next room they came across some gnolls who slipped in here from the nearby hills.


The next room was very dark and full of stalagmites, and Brodus and Evaine were able to spot a cave bear at the far end of the room. The bear began to smell the group and was ready to attack. Brodus moved into the room as was struck by a piercer from the roof of the cave. More piercers fell on the party as they attacked the bear. Two giant wolf spiders moved in to attack from the rear as well.


After the bear was dealt with Brodus went back and carried the kids through to protect them from more piercer attacks.


The next area of the caverns was a giant chasm with rickety and narrow stone bridge. One by one the party tip-toed across the crumbling bridge to safety on the other side.


About halfway through crossing, a long minotaur guard who had been following them for some time, appeared and attacked those still yet to cross. He was just about ready to charge across and shove someone into the crevice but Brodus killed him before he could move.

After this the group merged on a hilltop high above Zatha and from here they had a great vantage point of the area. They could see the town of Zatha below them, and down in the docks they noticed that more Aqium Warships were arriving. To one side they could see the nearby forest and on the other side they could see a cove were the Tempest Swarm pirate ship, The Nightingale, was docked. Ethne explained that this was the ship she was on when she sailed from Dunbar to Zatha, adding that Captain Cimris was here on other business. Ethen thought about it and came to conclusion that this would be the ideal way to get the kids out of danger’s way, having Captain Cimris take them to safety.

Also at this time Rigel 108 received another message from Command. A great opportunity was at hand. An Asori officer by the name of Nemat was a mid-ranking member of the Aqium forces stationed here in Zatha. Gavin’s plan was to abduct him and replace him with his local agent, Hendrick Zin in disguise, giving Chancellor Gavin and person on the inside of the Aqium forces. The plan only works if the real Asori Nemat is removed without alerting anyone else.

Rigel led the team to the Nightingale with the intention of dropping them off and convincing Cimris, a kenku, to take them to safety. The pirate captain agreed, under one condition:


Me and my crew are here looking for magic, one magic item in particular. A flintlock that once belonged to Kaithor Blacksail decades ago. He buried his treasure in some ruins high up on a cliff. Legend has it that one must Stay in the Light to survive. I’ve sent a handful of my best men to retrieve it and ain’t heard a word from them in days. You find my crew, get me that flintlock, and I’ll take the kiddies to anywhere your heart desires.

Rigel 108 decided to leave Waverly on the ship with the kids in the meantime while they went and made the Asori Nemat switch.


Ethne led the group to the woods nearby Zatha to a hideout where Hendrick Zin lives. They found it under attack from orcs.


Once that was dealt with they headed into the merchant district of Zatha to start to come up with a plan.


They noted the movements of all the guards and came up with a strategy. Ethne would run through the area and try and drag a bunch of guards with her, which she did perfectly. However, the minotaur was a little more strategic and started moving guards around to block her in. Evaine got caught in the middle of things and was in the process of getting arrested when she enveloped her captor in darkness. This nearly derailed the whole plan, but the Flame Priest just missed seeing this. The guard looked for what they thought was one single female gnome running around, and got screwed up when conflicting reports of where she went came about.

While this was going on, Rigel, Brodus, Brenna, and Hendrick did the Chewbacca Death Star routine to get into the central building. They did a great job of getting the apprentice wizard out of the way, and since Hendrick was already in disguise, they were able to bypass the unknown zombie on the ground floor. The switch was made and Hendrick Zin, to buy more time, shouted out from the window to catch that damn gnome. This gave the rest of them enough time to get the body of Nemat out and all Corvus Septum members back to safety.


The group reconvened at Hendrick Zin’s cabin in the woods and dressed the body of Nemat up in his clothes and set the cabin on fire. Hendrick Zin hoped to retire in the cabin his grandfather built with his own bare hands one day, but those dreams were crushed.

The plan seemed to work but only time will tell. In the meantime, Rigel ordered everyone back to the Nightingale to retrieve the flintlock and find the missing crew for Captain Cimris.

The story continues in the Battle of Anavio.



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