The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Red Hawk Retreat

1st Era - Session #1

Reshk, chieftain of the Red Hawk Tribe, sacrificed himself so that the rest of the tribe could escape the oncoming Doombringer Orcs. The anointed new leaders of the tribe, the Three Feathers (PCs) fought off the handful of orcs that slipped through and led the people across a fallen tree bridge and to safety.

The following day the entire tribe discussed a couple of options on where the tribe could settle down:

  • East along the Treagir River to settle in the plains.
  • South to the Galadinthar Forest, possibly meeting the elves that live there.
  • Southeast across the plains to the Hilthe Mountains, possibly meeting the dwarves.
  • Southwest along the southern border of the Kainin Mountains to the Aradesh Desert.
  • North to the across the northern border of the Kainin Mountains to the Great Bay.

The Three Feathers decided it would be best to head for the Galadinthar Forest. A few of their fellow tribesmen were apprehensive about the location, citing unknown dangers of the forest and the possibility that the elves could be even worse than the orcs.

Hanth, the tribe shaman (played by MF), was acting strange this morning, mumbling something about a vision and a certain clump of trees he was on the lookout for.

After Kilela fruits were distributed, the Red Hawks continued on through the Jayt Valley.

The following morning the Red Hawks woke up to the theft of about half of their food supplies. A broken antler and headband was found nearby, leading to early speculation that the Great Stag Tribe was behind this. The Three Feathers followed the trail and found what remains of the Great Stag Tribe. They had fallen on hard times, more than half of them were injured from an orc attack. A speech from Bganat the tribe sorcerer (played by Blaine) condemned them for their theft but also included them into their own tribe.

A few days later Hanth the Shaman spotted a familiar looking clump of trees and led the Three Feathers towards it where they found a strange pillar, swirling with colors and arcane symbols all over it. As they approach, out of nowhere, The Scourge appeared behind them. The rest of the Red Hawk Tribe gasped in shock of the site of the never-before-seen Scourge. Led by a Spinned Devil, three hell hounds on magical chains were released onto the Three Feathers. The Spinned Devil telepathically howled in rage. During the fight, Hanth approached the pillar and in a flash of light, emerged from it with a hawk feather carved Staff of Kree-e-ar. He planted it into the ground and it immediately bestowed benefits to the group, which led to the death of the Scourge.

Later some tracks were found and near them was a crumpled Red Hawk feathers and headband. Following the trail led them to an area where members of the Black Bear Clan had a handful of slaves gathering wood for them. Of the six slaves, two of them were from the Broken Tusk Tribe and the other four were from the Red Hawk Tribe. One of them was recognized as being, Malik, son of Chief Reshk.

An assault was launched and the Black Bear Tribe guards were wiped out, along with some reinforcements who arrived later. Malik, and the other slaves joined up and the Red Hawks continued out of the Jayt Valley.

At the base of the Kainin Mountains, where the Jayt Valley meets the plains is the Treagir River, the Red Hawks built a couple of rafts to get the tribe across the fast-flowing river. Just as they started, the war drums of the Doombringer Orcs began. The Three Feathers pressed the tribe as fast as they could go and prepared for an assault. Bganat started a rockslide that killed several orc and more importantly, slowed the rush of orcs. The Three Feathers jumped aboard the final raft and narrowly escaped the orc onslaught.

Here the Three Feathers reassessed the their decision to travel to the forest and instead chose to head for the Great Bay up north.

The journey was long and uneventful but the Red Hawk tribe prevailed and reached the Great Bay. But during their first night there they were attacked in the middle of the night by these strange shark-creatures that could walk on land. The Sahuagin snuck up on the unsuspecting tribe and attacked. The group was triumphant and they spared the life of the sahuagin shaman for questioning. Language was a huge barrier but they learned that he was controlled by something that lived in a nearby cave near the shoreline.

Wanting to stomp this threat out once and for all, for the safety of their new home, the Three Feathers launched a midnight attack on the caves. They dealt with a couple of sahuagin guards before rescuing three local fishermen from the clutches of the sahuagin king. They warned them of the woman who controls them all. In the final battle, the group met and destroyed the Sea Hag that was in control of the shark-men, giving the Red Hawk Tribe a place to stake their claim in the ever changing world of Brind-Amor.

The Story continues in Stone Age to Exploration Age (Between Sessions 1 & 2)



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