The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Retaking of Arabona

4th Era - 29th Session

Corvus Septum returned to Khirn Doral and preparations were made to get them up to speed on their role in the attack to retake Arabona. The plan is for them to head out a day ahead of the main force and secure certain areas around Arabona.

The group was dropped off not far from shore and they made their way into the small fishing town. Rigel 108 snuck up and took out a guard on patrol.


Evaine and Brodus moved to a corner and spotted another guard up on a balcony.


As Rigel and Waverly turned the corner, hetook out the guard by the bell, while she fired two shots on the balcony guard, both misses. Evaine took him out from her position. Off screen, Brenna was making her way to the guard atop the building next to the unlit brazier.


Burpuller circled around and took out another guard who just came out on a house.


Evaine flew up to the unlit brazier and with the help of Brenna, they took out the last guard before any alarms could be raised. The group informed the bleary eye villagers that the invasion was to take place in the morning.

From here the group headed off to the Tower of the Rose to clear it out. When they reached it they found a dilapidated, run-down tower, with just a tiny flicker of light from the top.


Waverly, Ethne, and Rigel trudged up the stairs to find an old woman sitting down, eating dinner. Ethne informed her that the Warriors of Nosiriath would need to use this abandoned tower, in preparations for the retaking of Arabona. The old lady set down her knife and pushed the plate of raw meat away. No. The Tower of the Rose will not be used tonight. Please show yourselves out.


Ethne insisted and started to feel like something was wrong. After the heroes failed to heed a second warning the old lady lept over the side of the tower, only to rise back up as a Naina.


The fight was difficult as the dragon constantly circled the perimeter around the top of the tower. Brodus, who had just came up the stairs, was dominated and sent away. Burpuller popped up from time to time during the battle to offer healing to those taking damage up top. Rigel and Waverly both used their residium to coat their ranged weapons in hopes of dealing actual damage to the beast.

Eventually the dropped the beast and cleared the tower for use during the attack.

The heroes pressed on towards Arabona in search for the entrance to the caves below the city. But before they did they cam across a partially collapsed bridge. A bridge that would be crossed by the Nosiriath warriors soon as they marched on the city.


Nearby were some unmotivated workers from Arabona. They had been sent out by the new leaders of the captured city, and they were less than enthused to be working on this in the middle of the night. Someone, I think it was Brodus (?), gave a great speech and motivated the workers to repair this bridge now as help was on the way.

The heroes reached the ruins of the old Temple of Ao on the outskirts of the city and quickly found the secret trapdoor to the caves below the city. But as they entered, they were caught surprised by a handful of dust goblins.


The goblins poked out from around every corner, pelting the heroes who ranged weapons, drawing them deeper in the complex and spreading them out.


Soon the heroes found themselves in the central chamber, where even more of the goblins appeared out of nowhere to attack.


They even appeared on narrow walkways above them.


The group pressed on, deeper and deeper into the caverns.


Frustrated, Brodus barreled his way into the final chamber, through a narrow corridor.


The group emerged to a silent and empty rook, they were finally no longer under attack from the dust goblins.


Then the rocks began to rumble and shudder, a wasteland dragon wyrmling, that was previously mistaken for the pile of rocks, raised its head and breathed acid down on the heroes. Seconds later, the room filled with more dust goblins.


But once their leader, the wasteland dragon was put down, the remaining goblins scurried down the exits, never to be seen again.

The heroes looked at the seven exits from this room and caught a faint whiff of fresh air down the correct tunnel, leading them to the surface where they would light the flare signaling to their army that they had completed their tasks.

But above the bridge they came out under, they could hear the sounds of marching. Brenna’s raven was sent up and they saw a handful of Aqium soldiers marching towards Arabona led by a Bearfolk Chieftain. They set up their own ambush on the bridge.


Brenna through down Hungar of Hadar and killed most of the guards instantly. The bearfolk pulled two of the guards with him back off of the bridge. One of them turned out to be a battlemage, who casts Ice Storm on the heroes. the heroes pressed forward and caught up with the Aqium soldiers just off the bridge where they were able to finish them off.


The flare was set off and soon the battle was underway.

The heroes were given command over a small area of the war and successfully orchestrated attacks on the Aqium side of the wall while preventing counter attacks by them. Causalities were high, but in the end they prevailed and the warriors of Nosiriath had reclaimed the city of Arabona from the Legion of Aqium.




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