The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

Scourge Ambush

3rd Era - 11th Session

Alarms raised as the Sea Word came under attack by the Scourge. They appeared out of nowhere, on all decks, while Un’Goro and Harruq were exploring the wreck of the Aluredes.


The spined devils ripped through the crew while a mysterious Salt Devil simply walked through the carnage, with a single destination in sight.


When it reached the main deck it set its eyes on Captain Jaffe, who quickly backed himself into a corner. Both Senior and Junior officers flocked to his defense but the Salt Devil simply teleported around them, ever encroaching on the captain. As it stood before the captain it quickly snatched the bard’s arm and pulled him to his face. With a menacing look on his face, it said one word.


The salt devil teleported away and the captain shouted in pain, on his arm was a symbol burnt into his flesh, a slave brand.


One by one the rest of the spined devils teleported off the ship, while the captain continued to vomit overboard. Once things settled, a report of damage was taken. Four deckhand (D, E, I, J) died in the ambush. Crewman “Carl” was spoken very high of during his time in the cargo hold as he held off four spined devils at once, and there was talk about promoting him to Junior Officer. Luckily several more deckhands and junior officers were revived before they also died. The Sea Word now sails with the minimum amount of crew (20).

Soon Un’Goro and Harruq returned to the ship and they brought up the crescent-moon chest from the Aluredes shipwreck. They opened it up and, along with a handful of gold, found two things of great interest:

With the captain feeling better, the crew felt they needed answers to what happened and from here the Sea Word sailed off to Binable to talk with Wilhik Rovelcast. Unfortunately Wilhik had no idea what the mark left behind by the Scourge on the captain was, he only noted that they were lucky to be alive after such an encounter. Wilhik got excited when he saw the Jewel of the Pillar that they had found. Wilhik studied it for a moment before mentioning that he always thought that there should be a pillar somewhere here in the Styrc Isles.

Triton showed another picture from the Field Journal to Wilhik, a picture of a Pillar on a tiny island offshore from a large land mass, and asked if he knew where it was.


Wilhik said he has never seen it (he has never seen a blue pillar before) but thought it might be on Aqium, but that was only a guess.

The next morning Un’Goro woke with a strange spirit vision. It started with the owl they spotted after they cleared out the pirate base on Jagged Isle. In this vision Un’Goro changed into a hawk and flew after the owl where it dove through the cloud cover to an open field in a distant land. Here Un’Goro heard the marching of a huge army in perfect unison. They were dragonborn, marching off to battle. Un’Goro looked back at the owl and it responded:

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Then Un’Goro woke up from his vision.

Gwendoline, who had gone through a lot, asked to be dropped off on Ston Cay to reunite with her family, so the Sea Word stopped there on their way to Nightrock on Razors Spine Island to discover what happened to Glynxidor and possibly find a cure for the captain.

They arrived in Nightrock in the morning and saw the town recovering from yet another ogre attack. These attacks had been going on for some time, each time the ogres attack they take a couple of villagers back with them. The elf wizard Glynxidor, who lived in a nearby tower, used to be a great help to the town by providing them with potions of healing and helping out where he could. But the wizard is dead now, according to the ogres and he has not been seen in months. The townsfolk had about given up hope until the Sea Word came to the rescue. For their help the townsfolk gave them ten potions of healing before they left for the wizard’s tower.

It was a three-hour tour…three and a half hour hike out to the tower and the crew approached on the cliff side, away from the shore. Here they saw a three-story tower jutting up from the rock with no visible doors save one on the top that was slightly ajar. Peering over the ledge toward the shoreline, the crew could see light coming from possibly a cave 30-feet below them. Un’Goro also noticed another area below them on the shoreline where three ogres worked on barricading two exterior, ground level doors. The crew hatched a plan and decided to sneak up on the ogres.


One by one they descended the rope of climbing and got into position, and the ambush was successful. Wil the Bloody seemed to see this battle coming before it happened, as he acting with advantage several times during it.

From here the group entered the unblocked door and into the floor level of the wizard’s mansion. Unbeknownst to the group, they had set off an alarm spell here that alerted the guardians in the next room. The players were more cautious entering the next room (lounge) and the captain cast light on a rock and threw it into the next room where it was immediately swallowed by magical darkness. There was some talk of trying one of the other entrances (blocked door or the tower) but the group pressed on and barged into the lounge.


A wave of undead lerched toward the group while a bone naga in the back cast lightning bolt down the center, hitting everyone and nearly killing Un’Goro and Quinvalur. The bone naga was able to get another lighting bolt off but only hitting half as many targets. The group overcame the defender and explored the room to find a ornate elven sword, carved from bone, in a glass display case. Having no one to pick the lock the captain smashed the glass open from a safe distance. Quinvalur read the inscription in elven along the side of it and really seemed to like the weapon. Captain Jaffe panicked and tried to take it away from him but the elf wizard resisted. After some deliberation it was revealed that the name of the weapon was Bloodthirst and it had the hungry property. Wil the Bloody took possession of the weapon.

From here the group went through the trophy room and peeked inside the bottom floor of the tower they saw from the cliff. Next they entered the armory where they spotted a prominent positioned elven shield. But it was trapped with lightning and Harruq zapped himself when he touched it.

As the group ducked into the drawing room they came upon a thief who was pilfering the place of valuables. His name is Gertz Greypaw and he was looting the mansion since he heard of the wizard’s death. He entered through the tower and had his eye out for the sword the group just came across. The captain took a liking to him and offered him a spot aboard the Sea Word. Gertz asked about the pay and agreed. He would meet them back in Nightrock once they were done here.


Next the group moved into the dinning hall and fought off a wave of undead zombies, skeletons, and zombie ogres. An interesting thing in this room was a homunculus that was curiously watching them from the corner of the room. Quinvalur immediately recognized it as a glyph key and destroyed him, and noted that they would have to find two more the open up the final room.


The crew stumbled into the laboratory of Glynxidor and wee able to snag a handful of healing potions here and saw a great deal of book dealing with reanimating corpses. From here they entered the study and found the remains of a lot of the villagers that were taken from Nightrock, all dead in a pile in the center of the room.


Last they entered the gallery and in this large circular room they had to solve an elaborate puzzle an once they did they discovered a treasure stash of over 1000 gold pieces.

The crew is battered, tired, and running out of spells, but they press on to find what happened to the elf wizard from the United Pride expedition.

The story continues in The Battle of Geargrind Island



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