The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

The End of the Third Era

3rd Era - 21st Session

The heroes picked up where they left off in the Fortress of the Ur Mage. In the next room they had to figure out a riddle to get to through the green glass door to a pile of magic items. They figure out they had to place items on the pedestals with double letters (book, scroll, battleaxe, apple, etc) to open the door and allow they to pick up an item.

From here they circled completely around the fortress to another room on the inner circle. In this room full of brass clocks, they were able to look into the past, present, and future. Un’Goro gazed into the past.

You see a vision of the Kainin Mountain on Brind-Amor. Flying overhead you see a warband of Doombringer Orcs crashing down the mountains, destroying everything in its path. A few hundred yards ahead of them you see a handful of tribesmen running from them. A few hundred yards ahead of them is the Treagir River. They will be pinned down and slaughtered there.

Un’Goro sacrificed two HD to provide the Red Hawk Tribesmen with two rafts to cross the river, as it happened so long ago.

Jaffe gazed into the visions of the present…

You see a vision of a massive end-of-times battle against the Scourge. One of the other party members falls in battle at the same time Emperor Gavenius falls. You can help one of them right now, who do you choose?

Jaffe chose to help his comrade and ignore the Emperor.

Last, Triton gazed into the future…

You stand at the gates of hell, weapon in hand, deliberating entering. You know if you enter, you will die, but you could save the world.

Triton entered the gates of hell to save the world.

After this, the group entered the vault and acquired more magic items. From here they proceeded to the final room.


in the center of the giant cyclops skulls was a pile of magic items, atop them all was the fabled artifact known as the Wand of Death. A wraith descended from the ceiling and animated the pile of gold into the chassis of the Ur Mage. Tetsu-ko, used a cleverly worded historical “wish” he got from a recent magic item to, never allow the Ur Mage to come into existence. Instead, historically, another mage came to control, this one was called the All-Mage.


The battle was heroic, and each round the fight would switch to another room. The last room was the one with the walls lined with clocks. Jaffe managed to shove the chassis of the All Mage into the vortex of arcane energies that quickly consumed and obliterated the chassis of the All Mage.

However, the disruption of the All Mage set a chain of explosions throughout the fortress. The Heroes scrambled toward the entrance, hoping that it would act as an exit at this point. As more of more of the fortress came toppling down on their heads, a familiar face appeared.


Frantically, the Chronomancer ran over to Triton, Where is it?!? Tell me you still have the Crown of Shadows!!!

Triton searched through his possesions as more and more bricks crashed down, but he couldn’t find it. Wil the Bloody recalled a brief hiccup in time during the final battle when the All Mage presumably cast Time Stop and retrieved the Crown of Shadows from the heroes. Nevertheless, the Chronomancer whisked them away, out of the Fortress and back to and old familiar place.


The heroes were taken back to the docks of Filbiklink, and they stood in front of The Sea Word which, once again, proudly displayed its Brind Amor colors. The exhausted Chronomancer retired for the rest of the day but introduced them to an old fiend, and now captain of the Sea Word, Abai Nanzold. She was able to fill them in on what happened in the three-and-a-half years since they entered the Fortress of the All Mage.

We were informed that you entered a portal to find the original Snow Queen by Nyth Whitestorm, the new Snow Queen. The Brind-Amor fleet waiting for weeks in the cold waters of Ice Maw Bay before giving up.
 We feared the worst and decided to return to Geargrind Island and figure out what to do.
 Soon after, war broke out between Decius and Aqium which seemed to accelerate our collective decision.
 Basically we came down to three options: Leave, Trade, and Wait. And we had three ships. So we sorted everything out and went in three separate directions.
 Captain Grildur Stonehands (Dwarf Fighter) took over the Quiet Fury and their ship left to explore the world. Kindroth Mithdaer (Elf Ranger) took over the Blacksail and they are very active in trade thanks to the war. I took over the Sea Word and the rest of us…never gave up hope. We stayed here in the Styrc Isles and help the gnomes however we can. Praying that you would return one day.
Decius and Aqium are locked in a war that threatens our entire world. The Ur Mage has consolidated there forces that include the Aqium Wizards, the Chromatic Dragons, the Minotaurs and…the undead…and they lay siege on the fracturing states of Decius.

The heroes had some questions about some of the Junior Officers they came to know, and Captain Nanzold filled them in. Clerk Amiel went from medic on the Sea Word to Quartermaster on the Sea Word. The Bearfolk had relocated to Prewth Island and acted as a police force for the Master Tinker there and had a great relationship with Kimerth. The Dragonborn kids were grown up no, and each went a separate direction. Two were Master Gunners on the Quiet Fury and the Blacksail, and the last was the Helmsmen on the Sea Word. Last, Carl the Monk was the Boatswain on the Quiet Fury and is now the Quartermaster on the Blacksail.

The following morning the Chronomancer had regained this strength, and layed out the next few actions of the heroes.

The end of days is upon us. In just a few hours, the Emperor will confront the All Mage in the Holy Sanctuary of Ao, that will determine the fate of the world for the next hundred years. A battle the All Mage, now a Lich, will invariably win.
But we aren’t ready to confront the All Mage yet, we need more allies and I have a plan for that.
I have found a number of key moments over the last 3 years that you can return to, where you have the opportunity to improve our situation. Maybe it’s helping an ally, or convincing someone to our side.
The downside is that we are limited. Three times you will need to choose between a set of two scenarios. When you are ready, I will present the first set of options.

The heroes readied themselves and gave the Chronomancer the signal to begin. He went through his incantations and two portals opened up for the heroes to select from.

On the left the Kavaard Bearfolk have responded to the cries of help from the injured bronze dragon Kimerth on the island of Prewth. Atop the dormant volcano of Mount Vraalt, the bearfolk square off against the deadly flame dragon, Camawrath and her son.
On the right, the Mountain Kinsmen, sworn servants of the Snow Queen, are up against the Kathaydus, the white dragon of the north, and her yeti followers as they attempt to stop this mad dragon’s rampage across Northern Decius.

The heroes deliberated for a minute before choosing to help the Bearfolk and Kimerth. Through the portal they went and there they had to fight two Flame dragons in the snowy top of Mount Vrault.


At some point Jaffe thought it…daring to leap upon the back of Camawrath, which he successfully did. Also he managed to hold on while the flame dragon ascended into the air


However, he did not hold on too much longer, and plunged headfirst into the snow. Soon after that, both dragons laid dead in the snow. The Chronomancer appeared again with two more options.

On the left the dark elves of Aqium are at a crossroad since the All Mage has discovered a cure for the One Tree. Some favor siding with him in the upcoming war while the others do not trust him.
On the right a similar situation unfolds. The Arethrion Elves, long sworn enemy of the Empire are in a debate to join the Aqium wizards.

The heroes decided to side with the Arethrion Elves and talk them out of joining Aqium. They met them in an ice cave in Northern Decius where they were in talks with The Arisen. This was the first time the heroes had actually met with the Arisen and it was a shock to learn that they were tieflings. They are a small, but determined race who has been persecuted heavily throughout time because of the chaos and destruction that the Scourge present in the world.

The Snow Elves were considering joining forces with Aqium since they had such a long an storied hatred of the Empire and how they tried to oppress them through subjugation and invasion. Jaffe made an impassionate plea, warning of the greater evil that is the All Mage and the Aqium Wizards as a whole. The new Snow Queen , Nyth Whitestorm decided that the Arethrion Elves would remain neutral in the upcoming war.

The Chronomancer whisked them away for their third and final choice.

• On the left the gnomes of Geargrind Island have traveled to the island known as Ao’ Well after the farmers pleaded for help. The undead terrors you found there years ago was just the tip of the iceberg and the gnomes are in serious trouble against a horde of undead.
• On the right the underground lair of the Bronzeshield Dwarves of Aqium have been compromised by denizens from the underdark that could utterly destroy them.

Considering their long standing relationship with the Gnomes of Geargrind Island, it was a fairly quick decision to help them out. It was a really quick battle against waves of undead but the heroes once again prevailed.

The time of reckoning was upon them, the final confrontation between Emperor Gavenius and the All Mage. The Chronomancer teleported them to the site of the final battle.

You appear in the Holy Sanctuary of Ao, frozen in time, in the center of the chamber, and in the middle of a battle. Galerius Brotherhood fighters square off against a handful of Bearded Devils. More Scourge scramble across the room, some appearing from the portals, and head towards the balcony above. On the balcony above the ultimate showdown is about to commence. On the left was two dragonborn fighters, two bearfolk warriors, General Ilthor, and Emperor Gavenius. Opposing them were three minotaurs, one dark elf, The Evoker, and the All Mage Lich.
The Chronomancer turns to you, This is it. The destiny of the world as we know it will be decided in the next few minutes, in this room. The All Mage Lich welcomes the Scourge into this world and has come to the Sanctuary of Ao because of its strong arcane and divine magics, a perfect place to summon the Scourge. The Emperor above wields a weapon that can defeat the All Mage Lich, a longsword called Last Rites. However, the summoned Scourge here will reach him before the can strike the final blow against the Ur Mage Lich. You need to prevent that from happening. Stop the Scourge while we try to destroy the All Mage Lich. I helped the All Mage long ago. I was an Arcane Master, like the Evoker and the Abjurer. But what was once determination by the Arch Mage, turned to power hunger in the All Mage. Good luck friends, the end of my line is here and now.

The Chronomancer smiles and floats up the balcony to assist the Emperor.


The battle begun with the heroes defending the bottom floor while the powers of Decius attacked the All Mage on the balcony. More Scourge poured into the bottom floor through the portals, but eventually the heroes were able to slowly gain the upper hand and got things under control.

On the balcony a different story was being made. The All Mage was quickly dropping Decius fighters (thanks to Power Word Kill and Disrupt Life) and it wasn’t long before the Emperor, the last on his side, was stunned. The Lich approached the frozen body of the Emperor and removed Last Rites and killed him with his own weapon, cackling with delight.

The All-Mage, using the Crown of Shadows, raised the dragonborn and bearfolk as ghouls and ordered them to attack the heroes while he disappeared in a flash, having gotten what he came here for.

The portal stopped churning out Scourge and the heroes and the remaining Brotherhood Fighters were finally able to clear out the Sanctuary of Ao.

The threat of the All Mage and the Scourge were gone. But a new dark power was looming on the horizon. The continents of Deicus and Aqium were at war.



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