The 2000 Year Epic Campaign

And so begins the Epic Campaign

1st Era - The Beginning

You went to bed in a peaceful state, the Red Hawk Tribe has camped for the night far into the Jayt Valley of the Kainin Mountains after trailing a herd of deer and stocking up while you can before moving on again. Chief Reshk often talks about giving up the nomadic life that the tribe has become accustomed to, “maybe in the spring,” is how he usually ends that conversation. Your friend and son of the chief, Content Not Found: malik and a few other tribesmen went off to scout earlier in the day. The tribe will camp here until they return with a report of the area. You pull off your headband and inspect the three red hawk feathers in it. They are the symbol of your tribe and the three denotes your rank in the tribe behind the chief and the elite warriors. You quickly doze off to sleep.

Then the drums start and your lives changed forever. The campsite is in a panic, tribesmen run through the pouring rain to gather weapons while others run to wake the other villagers. The war drums get louder which can only mean one thing. The Doombringer Orcs are on the march.

Chief Reshk runs through camp holding his greatclub over his head, “Red Hawks! Follow me!” He shouts as he leads the retreat away from the ever encroaching orcs.

The mountain path narrows and the beat of the war drums get louder and louder, surely they will be on top of you any moment now. Up ahead Chief Reshk shouts “Curses!” You gather around him. The mountain path ends. Surely you will all be slaughtered here. All hope is lost.

Chief Reshk springs to action, invoking the spirit of his father Nargoth, “Hantor, Taron, Gallor, Kata, Kralon, defend that spot!” He grabs you by the collar, “Get these tribesmen down the ridge and out of the mountains. For good. Find a new home for our tribe, this will be the last day the Red Hawks retreat! We will defend our home next time!”

“What about Malik?” you cry.

The chief’s eyes well up for a split second, “Go!”

The chief and the elite warriors rush the oncoming orcs trying to bottleneck them before reaching you. Some of the tribe looks to you for leadership, others start to climb over the ridge.

The Story continues in Red Hawk Retreat (Session #1)



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