Acolyte Gallus

Acolyte Gallus is a young member of the Temple of Ao in the Holy City of Southwatch. Always known as a charismatic person, Acolyte Gallus has pleaded with Divine Dermenian to allow him to travel away from the Holy City to spread the word of Ao as they know it. Divine Dermenian had been hesitant at first, concerned that the rest of the world was still barbaric in nature. When the Chaytan arrived in a voyage of exploration, Acolyte Gallus was logically appointed as emissary to Elon with the hopes of building and leading a temple in the city and spreading the word.


Session #4 (2nd Era) – Acolyte Gallus joined the Chaytan as the Champions of Elon left the Holy City of Southwatch. Divine Dermenian arranged for this and also included a stack of the Sacred Writings of Ao to be included in the voyage.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – Acolyte Gallus was very excited when the champions of Elon climbed onto Skyland when it landed briefly. He helped in scrounging around for interesting items, but was heart fallen to learn that not only did Ao not live on Skyland, but some sort of humanoids did a long time ago. Things turned around when they finally reached Elon and Acolyte Gallus was able to set up a modest temple.

A United Brind-Amor (Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era) – Gallus finishes the Temple of Ao in Elon and it does very well thanks to the influx of new people moving to the capital.

Acolyte Gallus

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