Adder Karai

Adder Karai has been a leader of the Emerald Vipers in Sahjar for some time, and is most trusted by Merrshaulk herself. It was Adder Karai who began the numerous procedures that would abduct individuals and concocted the elaborate lies that would entomb groups of strangers in the Mausoleum of Merrshaulk.

Adder Karai, along with Merrshaulk, have designs on grander schemes that involve enslaving all of Brind-Amor


Session #5 (2nd Era) – Adder Karai saw the Champions of Elon arrive in Sahjar and immediately began the process to set them up for sacrifice to Merrshaulk. Quickly he sent message to the guards at the Mausoleum to provide keys and weapons to the manacled orcs on the 2nd level, and to remove the barriers that entrapped the undead as well as access to the minotaur maze.

As he sat down to have lunch with the champions a messenger arrived to tell him all was ready. Adder Karai began weaving the lie that orcs with necromantic abilities have infiltrated the mausoleum and wreaked havoc, from the Aradesh Pillar. Which is ironic, since Adder Karai had no idea the pillar could be used for transportation. Nevertheless the Champions agreed to help, but they were too powerful and wise for the trap and they slew Merrshaulk along with her minions in the bottom level. The Champions returned to the surface to find a most surprised Karai. He was the first, on the surface at least, to die as they wiped out or sacred off the residents of the village.

Adder Karai

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