Alimlar Domain

The Alimlar Domain has lot of reasons to thank The Arisen and the Righteous in their efforts during the Third Era for their existence and freedoms here in the Fourth. Alimlar is comprised of freed dragonborn, Ashilwynn Elves, tieflings of the Arisen faction, and a scattering of human settlements.

The domain has experienced a great deal of turmoil in their short history, which some sages believe is to be expected when most of the citizens were born into servitude (dragoborn) in hiding (The Arisen), or were ignored ( Ashilwynn Evles) by the Decius Empire.

Recently Queen Seera came into power after she overthrew King Vicrik after it was learned that he had secret dealings with Aqium which led to a very weak rulership.

Queen Seera is doing her best but she is sometime referred to as the “Queen Cat Herder” because so many different factions want to pull the domain in different direction and this is causing problems for her.


Session #22 (4th Era) Corvus Septum sailed to Dunbar Island, between the Alimlar Domain and the Aqium controlled lands that were Dolaneg, to help recapture it.

Session #23 (4th Era) Corvus Septum made their way to the city of Zatha, formerly of the Alimilar Domain but has recently been taken over by Aqium forces.

Session #24 (4th Era) - Corvus Septum made their way to Anavio, through Hopewell Port, to aid Queen Seera in her defense of the city of Anavio.

Session #26 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum celebrated the victory of the Battle of Anavio, then proceed to the Stator Mines to uncover another Aqium plot.

Alimlar Domain

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