Amulet of the Heavens

Little is known about the Amulet of the Heavens to the outside world, but within the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves it is a sacred religious relic that draws the dwarves together into a tight-knit community. While dwarven scholars tried to uncover the secrets behind the Pillar located inside the mountain capital of Dhom Kharn-Thorrim, the were able to extract the amulet from it. The dwarven priests who study it keep secret its mysterious powers.

In an act of desperation to their situation with the Voss Hobgoblins invasion into the Hyx Valley, the Broken Tusks stole the amulet from the dwarves in hopes of enlisting their help during their plight.


Session #4 – While the Champions of Elon were in Dhom Kharn-Thorrim, they were approached by the Merchant King to retrieve the amulet from the Broken Tusks. The Champions were able to retrieve the amulet as well as eradicate the Voss Hobgoblins from the Hyx Valley. They returned the relic to the Merchant King and were rewarded with gold and suits of platemail armor.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The Amulet of the Heavens, along with the Staff of Kree-e-ar, are compared to the Drakor Orb as many people think that is linked to the Skyland Pillar.

Amulet of the Heavens

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