Anavio appears to be a simple mining town on the southern edge of the Styth Mountains, but is actually a dragon hatchery run by the Decius Empire and run by the Galerius Brotherhood and the Aqium wizards, to produce dragonborn for the Empire.


United Pride Captain’s Log – The crew watched and learned for some time what was going on in these hatcheries across the Empire before infiltrating these mines. The rescued eggs were given to the dragon, Vinarthamath. who was now freed in the same mines. The black dragon thanked them for their efforts and asked them to leave the area. The following day, she leveled the town of Anavio and all who lived there.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word managed to infiltrate and take down another hatchery in northwestern Decius, called the Cerioth Pillar Hatchery. Here they rescued the bronze dragon Kimerth, saved some eggs, and shut down the Cerioth Pillar by removing the Jewel of the Pillar.


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