Ao's Well

A smaller island of the Styrc Isle chain, that is noted for its dense woods and is a frequent hideout of the Tempest Swarm pirates.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – While searching for the gnomish researcher Elza Crinkletoes, the crew of the Sea Word stumbled on her sunken ship and evidence that led them to find her captured by Chaza, captain of the Soaring Waves. After they saved her and killed the rest of the pirates, Triton 714 restored the pirate camp back to its original purpose as a shire to Ao the Warrior as best he could. He was given the opportunity to name the island himself.

Session #10 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word rescued a man named Miles the Farmer from the Tempest Swarm pirates on their base on Jagged Isle. He explained how he and a handful of other live on the north side of Ao’s Well and sought the pirates to help with a rat problem. They kidnapped him instead to ransom him back to his people. Captain Jaffe sent in the Junior Officers to help him and they first heard mention of the Ghoul Emperor. Last, it was discovered that Kilela Fruit grows on this island.

Ao's Well

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