At this time, not much in known about Aqium outside of the fact that it is another landmass. References to wizards from Aqium are mentioned a lot as well.

Today Aqium is known as a large continent to the southeast of the fractured states of Decius that is the antagonist in the Great War. They are led by Astriminar the Lich.


Session #11 (3rd Era) Wilhik Rovelcast was asked about a picture in the Field Journal of a blue pillar on a small island near a coastline. Wilhik had no knowledge of it but thought it might be on Aqium.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – As the Galerius Brotherhood was tied in with the Tempest Swarm pirates, so too are the Aqium wizards and the Galerius Brotherhood.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – After overhearing a conversation is Savarius, the crew headed over to Caromago Island to see if they could succeed where an Aqium Wizard failed. They were successful in unraveling the mysteries of the arcane oasis and found the wizard covered in tattoos, dead at the main door.

Transition from 3rd to 4th Era – Events from the end of the 3rd Era lead to the start of the Great War which kicked of the 4th Era. The actual Invasion started in Year 61 of the Red Comet and Aqium has quietly held those lands on the continent of Decius for the last nine years. Today they start pressing in the lands of the other fractured states.


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