Aqium Wizards

It would seem to an outsider that every person from Aqium is an Aqium Wizard, as that is all the rest of the world has seen of there people, and they might be right. Aqium Wizards are known to have their bodies covered in runes and tattoos which they seem to draw power or strength from. Aqium Wizards seem to be heavily involved with the running of the Decius Empire.


Session #14 (3rd Era) – Aqium Wizards were seen at the King of the Hill Tournament in Centum Treyopolis aiding the game and advising Emperor Gavenius.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – Aqium Wizards are seen overseeing the development of the dragon eggs in the Cerioth Pillar Hatchery in northwestern Decius.

Transition from 3rd to 4th Era – The Aqium Wizards have no become the focal point of the Aqium army as they invaded and conquered the Kingdom of Dolaneg.

Session #22 (4th Era) Corvus Septum fought several wizards during the Aqium Ambush to retake Dunbar Island.

Session #29 (4th Era) – First evidence of battlemages on the Aqium side. Discovered during the retaking of Arabona.

Aqium Wizards

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