Aradesh Desert

South of the Kainin Mountains lies the Aradesh Desert which is bordered between the hills and mountains and the sea to the south. While life is rough in the desert, pockets near the mountains and along the shore show great signs of life. The center of the desert is quite inhospitable. A fair amount of trees can be found in and around the mountain/hills border but nothing in the desert itself. Aradesh_Desert.JPG


Session #1 (1st Era) – This was one of many potential settlement sites the Red Hawk Tribe considered before eventually settling on the Great Bay.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon sailed around the Aradesh Desert before stopping in the town of Sahjar on the banks of the Serpent River at the northwest corner of the desert. Here they met members of the Emerald Vipers Clan and laid an assault on the Mausoleum of Merrshaulk, killing or scattering the rest of the clan members.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Very little has been seen in this area at during this time as the desert is mostly avoided, aside from the Followers of the Scourge moving in to serve Merrshaulk.

Aradesh Desert

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