Ashilwynn Elves

The Ashilwynn Elves have lived in the Ashilwynn Forest since the beginning of time, although they have had little contact with the outside world. During the time of the Decius Empire, the elves began to have confrontations with Emperor Gavenius. The Emperor was bent on forming the strongest army he could to battle the double-headed dragon of the Scourge and Aqium. While he enslaved the dragonborn, and fought with the Arethrion Elves of Northern Decius, something strange happened with the Ashilwynn Elves.

Weeks after the Galerius Brotherhood army, along with a massive amount of siege weapons, gathered on the border of the forest, the battle was called off and the troops returned to The Citadel. Some thing the Brotherhood was no match for an entrenched elven counter attack, while other whisper of a negotiation between the Emperor and the Elves. The Brotherhood never returned to the forest, and never was an elf seen to fight for the Emperor. Still to this day, whatever happened is still shrouded in mystery.

Today the Ashilwynn Elves are part of the Alimlar Domain, and represent their own territory within the domain. With the fall of the Decius Empire, the elves have been poked their heads out of their ancestral home of the forest and fully partake in the daily events of life in the world, including government and the Great War.


Session #24 (4th Era) - The rescued kids of Lord Chespian, Todrick and Emily, are being taken by Captain Cimris of the Nightingale, where they can be raised far away from the Red Sisters.

Ashilwynn Elves

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