Astriminar the Lich

Astriminar was born in Aqium and quickly developed a unique understand of the arcane magics. He ascended through the hierarchy of the Aqium Wizards and forged a strong friendship with one who would later attain the position of Chronomancer. Astriminar was full of ambition and soon garnered the title of The Enchanter, although he could have easily become the Transmuter or the Evoker.

Being the youngest to head an entire school of arcane philosophy wasn’t enough for Astriminar, and he honed his skills in the other schools in hopes of becoming the Arch Mage and leader of all Aqium.

He did so by killing the former Arch Mage in an Arcane Duel. He didn’t stop there either. Astriminar began his fascination with The Scourge, despite his promises to Emperor Gavenius and his opposition towards them. Astriminar maintained the relationships Aqium had with Decius, but began to slowly turn the to his favor. Aqium began to assert more control into Decius politics through court-appointed advisors to the Emperor, control of the dragon hatcheries, and the establishment of the Tower of the Elements in Centrum Treyopolis.


Session #18 (3rd Era) – Astriminar, now known as the Arch Mage, along with the Abjurer and a select team, reached Northern Decius in search of the Cave of the Ancients. His plan was to abduct the Snow Queen and steal her arcane essence so that he may gain more power. The Righteous arrived just as he departed back to Aqium, but he laid a clever trap for them as he left. A portal, that was to be closed after him, was purposely left open that directed the heroes to the Temple of Apshai, where a trap lay in wait. The Temple was filled with conjured creatures from around the universe that forced the heroes through this gauntlet of monsters and traps. The Arch Mage returned to the Obelisk of Seta-Re and performed the ritual with the Snow Queen and ascended to the level of Ur Mage.

Session #19 (3rd Era) – The Ur Mage was fascinated by the strengths and dedication of the heroes for surviving the Temple of Apshai and decided to test their resolve in the Fortress of the Ur Mage. He allowed them to enter under the premise that they could still save the spiritual leader of the Arethrion Elves. As the heroes fell in the Fortress, the Ur Mage would gather their souls before they entered the gates of hell and brought them back to life, to further torture them.

Session #20 (3rd Era) – The heroes fought their way through the fortress and battled the chassis of the Ur Mage, an arcane creation of gold and magic items forged when he was The Enchanter. A cleverly worded wish reduced the Ur Mage’s powers back to the level of Arch Mage during the fight, and thanks to that the heroes were able to overcome this beast. during the fight the Arch Mage used Time Stop to grab the Crown of Shadow from them to add to his growing collection of the Seven Artifacts. After this he left to the die in the now crumbling fortress, only to be saved at the last second by the Chronomancer. Now with the Crown of Shadows in his possession, the Arch Mage now became a lich.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – Astriminar the Lich made it known to the Emperor that he plan was to open a permanent portal to the gates of hell to allow the Scourge into the world which he would be in control of. The Emperor fell for his trick and rallied an army to stop the Lich at the Sanctuary of Ao. Astriminar’s plan was to obtain another of the Seven Artifacts, the long sword Last Rites from the Emperor. He was successful and even killed the Emperor with his own weapon.

Between Sessions (3rd to 4th Era) – Astriminar returned to Aqium, gathered power, and waited. Decius crumbled after the death of the Emperor and became the Fractured States of Decius, bickering and fighting with each other. Aqium had established close ties with Kingdom of Doleneg through trade, which made them an easy target for when Aqium launched an invasion. Now Aqium controls one-quarter of what was once Decius and plans to push forward to conquer the world.

Session #26 (4th Era) – As Corvus Septum chased down a Legion of Aqium group into the ruins of Durn Khete-Tymir, they found that they had recovered one of the Seven Artifacts, the Robes of the Fallen, and were teleporting them to a ghostly visage of Astriminar the Lich in the same room. Rigel was able to snatch them out of his hands before the transformation was complete.

Session #31 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum learned through one of their agents, Stath Cloudhelm, that village of Snakefalls had come to admire the efforts of Astriminar as he rid the world of the Scourge once and for all. The grassroots campaign suggested Decius should welcome him with opens arms instead of fighting Aqium.

Astriminar the Lich

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