Balnar Stonecutter

Balnar Stonecutter is a dwarven merchant stationed in the city of Nigrum Ursus. The Champions on Elon ran into him when they made their first visit to the city in the 2nd Era, and he was able to impart some knowledge of life for the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves.

They are salesmen first and foremost, and the prices for dwarven armor are very expensive (2.5 times PHB prices), and therefore they don’t make many sales but make up for it by carrying hide and leather armors.

Session #3 (2nd Era) – Balnar related that he is not a fan of the city of Nigrum Ursus, saying that the people here are, “not outgoing, difficult to work with, and trouble starters”. Balnar also mentioned that he has to work here for the next two years, as punishment from the Merchant King and the group got the impression that this posting is a punishment of sorts.

All in all. Balnar was a pleasant dwarf to meet, and much more outgoing than the few others the Champions had met. He also saved them considerable time telling them that there is nothing else further up the Treagir river from Nigrum Ursus all the way to the Kainin Mountains.


Balnar Stonecutter

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