Baron Sekolah

Baron Sekolah is the currently leader of the Razortooth Sahuagin of Attlica Bay. He is a strong and charismatic leader for the Sahuagin and is often seen as their finest Baron ever. Sekolah acknowledges and respects the mutual agreement with the people of Elon, in thanks to their ancestors help in freeing the enslaved Sahuagin people from the clutches of an evil sea hag some centuries ago.

Sekolah still brings his Razortooth warriors to ashore to Elon every five years for the Test of Reshk and the celebrations that go along with it. He has become a favorite among the locals, bringing is boatloads of fresh fish and other wonders of the deep to the festivities. He enjoys a good relationship with the Council of Elders and he usually comes to Elon once a year with a small contingency to renew their mutual commitment with the Council and discuss potential problems for down the road.

Sekolah is full of ambition and wants to expand the control and territory of the Razortooth Sahuagin. As of yet, the Council has not assisted in this endeavor, stating that Attlica Bay is theirs and they have no desire to bold the unknown lands outside of it. Some think that Sekolah might be willing to lift the ban on the humans traveling outside of Attlica Bay if they were willing to help him expand.


Session #2 (2nd Era) – After the Tests of Reshk, the Baron approached a group of Elonians who would later come to be known as the Champions of Elon for a little side mission. The mission was to transport a handful of friends from Attlica Bay to a location outside of the Bay. These people looked like sea elves but acted like Sahuagin. Years later, a very pleased Baron approached the Council of Elders and signed the Open Water Agreement, allowing free travel to and from Attlica Bay into the Great Sea.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Around the time of his death, it became common knowledge that the Razortooth Sahuagin wiped out a colony of aquatic elves that lived just outside of the Attlica Bay.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – Harruq, while in the Styrc Isles, received a message through the Great White Shark that the Baron wanted him to lead the Razortooth Sahuagin Tribe in the southern waters. The Baron was fearful that another prominent sahuagin from the north would come down and take over the Razortooth, effectively undoing the progress he has made over the years. Harruq accepted and left immediately.

Baron Sekolah

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