The Blacksail was the ship of Kaithor Blacksail, leader of the Tempest Swarm pirates who terrorized the Styrc Isles under the guidance of the Galerius Brotherhood.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – Kaithor launched an attack on Geargrind Island with his ships positioned just outside of the range of the gnomish swivel cannons on the canopy protecting the city of Filbiklink. The Sea Word arrived in time and sunk the Thundering Waves and captured the Blacksail while killed Kaithor in the process. It was rumored that another ship ( Ironclad 351) sunk the Golden Guns before mysteriously retreating in the fog

The Sea Word took the Blacksail back to Filbiklink and gave the ship over to the gnomes of Geargrind Island.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word sailed back to Geargrind Island to make repairs in a safe harbor and while they were there, Tetsu-ko asked if they could get the Blacksail back as it would be needed. The Master Tinker agreed and Captain Ravenclaw was placed in charge of the Blacksail.


Captain – Ravenclaw
Quartermaster – Random sailor
Helmsman – Triton 714
Master Gunner – Wil the Bloody
Boatswain – Random sailor
Medic – Junior Officer Skolk
Other – (3) Dragonborn kids
Crewmen – (20) able

Session #18 (3rd Era) – The Blacksail, along with the rest of the Brind Amor Fleet, attacked and sunk two Brotherhood warships in Ice Maw Bay as the heroes went to assists the Arethrion Elves in Northern Decius. The Senior Officers would later teleport to Central Aqium, and the location of the Blacksail is unknown at this time.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – During the three-and-a-half years the seniors officers were trapped in the Fortress of the Ur Mage, the ships of the Brind Amor Fleet went through changes, each going off in their own direction. The Blacksail engaged in trade routes mostly between the Styrc Isles and Decius, but also rumored to trade with Aqium as well. It is run by former Junior Officers which include the following:

Captain – Kindroth Mithdaer (elf ranger 1) was nothing before
Quartermaster – Carl the Monk (human monk 1) was Boatswain on Quiet Fury
Helmsman – Quozaren (half-elf rogue 4, former helmsmen of QF)
Master Gunner – One Dragonborn

Session #26 (3rd Era) – It was learned that the Blacksail has become an ire to the Legion of Aqium, who has orders to sink the ship on sight. Recently they escape through a mysterious storm that came out of nowhere.


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