Brind-Amor Confederacy

A need arose from the aftermath of the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus. More than an agreement to help each other in a time of need, but a form of government that would protect its members and try and further their causes. Representative from each member of the Confederacy would attend meetings in Elon and they would elect the Lord of Brind-Amor, to head this council.

Current Members include:

Former members include:

Both of these entities left the Coalition Forces after the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus. The Broken Tusks left immediately after, citing their disproportionally heavy causalities among the Coalition Forces. The Elves of the Talenth Forest left years later after they felt the Confederacy made a half-hearted attempt to help them with an undead uprising in the Talenth Forest.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The Confederacy has only been around a short time, but it does trace its beginning to after the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus. It took a number of years to actually form this organization and even more time to implement it in the city of Elon. Currently, one two people have served as Lord of Brind-Amor; Rand of Elon and recently Esbjorn Brokse has taken over the position.

Brind-Amor Confederacy

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