Broken Tusks

One of many human tribes that were run out of the Kainin Mountains during the 1st Era, along with the Red Hawk Tribe, Black Bear Clan, Great Stag, and the Wenja.

The Broken Tusks made for the somewhat familiar territory, the Hilthe Mountain range to the southeast. They moved into a very secure and well shielded area called the Hyx Valley, located not far from the Hilthe Mountain Dwarf capital of Dhom Kharn-Thorrim. The Broken Tusks maintain a similar lifestyle and structure that they did during the 1st Era.

The Broken Tusks maintain an uneasy relation with the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves, with the less amount of contact, the better both sides are.


Session #4 – Shortly before the arrival of the Champions of Elon, the Broken Tusks tribe suffered through very tough times. The Voss Hobgoblins invaded the Nyx Valley and pushed the remaining Broken Tusks towards the front gate. With the hobgoblins occupying the Nyx Valley, it cut off the Broken Tusks from their herds and farm lands. Quickly they began to starve. In an act of pure desperation, the Broken Tusks stole the holy relic of the Amulet of the Heavens from the Hilthe Mountains, hoping to pull the dwarves into the conflict. The daughter of the Merchant King, Jabella Bronzebeard, went to negotiate with the Broken Tusks. She came away with something her father doesn’t have. Empathy for their situation. She began to work with the Broken Tusks to find a way to mount a counter offensive and reclaim the Nyx Valley.

About this same time, the Champions of Elon were commissioned by the Merchant King to retrieve the Amulet of the Heavens and liberate his daughter from the “honor less humans.” The Champions talked to Jabella and Skielren Broken Tusks and they agreed to help eradicate the Voss Hobgoblins and retrieve the now lost Amulet of the Heavens. The Champions did just that, killing the hobgoblin warlord who wore the Amulet as a trophy. The Hyx Valley went back to the Broken Tusks, and Jabella and the Amulet both returned to the dwarves. The Champions received the eternal gratitude of the Broken Tusks and substantial rewards from the dwarves.

Session #6 & 7 – They fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, and suffered the highest causality rate amongst the Coalition Forces.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Furious about how their troops were used in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, the Broken Tusks left the Brind-Amor Confederacy and openly attack people from Elon wherever they find them in the world.

Broken Tusks

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