Captain Ravenclaw - Quest Log

This is a list of potential quests:

The Citadel – Quinvalur has approached you in regards to making contact with Dark Phoenix of The Arisen, through a strange magical communication ring he has been working on. The Arisen tell of a powerful artifact that the Empire has discovered called the Crown of Shadows that allows the wearer to control the undead. They have asked that you steal the artifact from them so that it might be destroyed. A name, sympathetic to our cause in a nearby town knows a way for your crew to sneak into The Citadel to steal it.

Mysterious Compass – Recovered from the wreckage of the United Pride, this was originally found in the 2nd Era as one of the Skyland Objects discovered in Skyland. While in Brind-Amor it pointed north, like any other compass would. But now in Decius, it points west.

Hatchery Liberation – As of right now, we have no knowledge or locations of any working hatcheries along the Styth Mountains. But there must be more, we need more intel.

Triton’s Armor Modifications – We need to return to Basti for Triton to pick up the modifications to his armor from the Blacksmith, Kel Keniz.

Lord of the Hunt – Un’Goro seems upset that he let the Fey Lord down, we need to find where the Vine Lord ran off to.

Continued Drills – The crew of the Sea Word have performed admirably, attaining the level of Sea Dogs. We must continue to get better. A great help would be to have a ship medic.

Arethrion Elves – The Sea Word did them a great service and have seemed to gained their trust. We should follow up on this in Northern Decius.

Tinesia – Per Admiral Jaffe during his brief return to Brind-Amor, we need to keep an eye our for the arcane researcher, Tinesia.

To the best of your knowledge, these are completed quests:

A Cure for the Admiral – The former leader of the Sea Word is starting to spiral out of control. These visions he has have been confined to his own mind, but they are starting to show in the real world, like when he attacked that beggar in Centum Treyopolis, mistaking him for the Scourge.
Through your dealing with the Chronomancer, Talison Jaffe seems cured of the slave branding and although he still bears the physical mark on his arm, he is no longer plagued by nightmares of hell.

Rescue the United Pride Crew – You were a little late on responding to the tip from Dark Phoenix about possible crewmen in or around the town of Scalaycium. Apparently they took up the quest you completed of looking into the cause of the nightmares of the townsfolk. You found the bodies of two crewmen and one junior officers (Layla – human female paladin), who died by the necrotic creatures that inhabited the Temple of Ao (Ravoroth of Decius).

Win the King of the Hill Tournament – We were able to free ourselves from certain death, thanks to the crew of the Sea Word.

Salvage of the United Pride – We were able to recover all of the most valuable stuff from the

Cerioth Hatchery Facility – We were able to liberate the hatchery, freed the eggs along with Kimerth, and shut down the Red Pillar there.

Captain Ravenclaw - Quest Log

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