Centurion Quin Arcavius

Quin is a young and brash low level commander in the Kingdom of Ilthor army. His family was a wealthy and well respected noble family of the Decius Empire and strong supporter of King Venantius II and his father before him.

Quin has shown promise in the military training schools for officers, and has been given his first command to capture Dunbar Island.


Session #22 (4th Era) – The rest of Corvus Septum met with Rigel 108 and Brenna and were given orders from Arcavius to look into the burial mound of Gillard Wolfclan. After that was wrapped up, Corvus reported to Arcavius about the planned ambush by Aqium forces here in Dunbar Town. Arcavius had to be talked down from attacking the Stone Eagle (a focal point of the attack) and allowing them to investigate. When the ambush did occur, Centurion Arcavius headed south to meet the Aqium forces. Only himself and 10 other soldiers survived, the other 15 died in that attack.

Session #23 (4th Era) – Centurion Arcavius, furious over nearly losing Dunbar, blamed Corvus Septum for talking him out of sinking the Stone Eagle when he had a chance. Arcavius threatened to have them court martialed, but later learned that he did not have the authority to do so. Corvus Septum left two weeks later for a mission in the city of Zatha.

Centurion Quin Arcavius

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