Clockwork Beetle

A mysterious, mechanical beetle that seems to have some sort of connection with Triton 714. When the two were first in proximity, the beetle flew over to Triton and opened up a compartment in his leg and crawled inside. As this happened, Triton experience a disturbing flashback.


Session #10 – The beetle was retrieved by the Junior Officers as the dealt with a rat problem on Ao’s Well brought to them by Miles the Farmer. The beetle, just an ornate and inanimate object was in the possession of a darakhul. Triton and the beetle enjoy a telepathic connection, and here are the details of the flashback:

• You are in an enormous, round room
• You can barely see the domed ceiling above you
• You are among other like you
• The closest one to you has a designation similar to you
• You don’t know the first emblem but the numbers read, “952”
• Your weapon is in hand, ready to strike as are the others
• You can overhear voices, bits of a conversation
• A voice says, “Yes Master” and you gasp
• One by one you shut down
• You shout, “Virmire 952!” before you shut down.

Clockwork Beetle

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