Corvus Septum

Desperate times bring about desperate measures. As Aqium forces began their march through the fractured states of Decius, the nations rose together as one to fend off the invaders. With so many nations in play defending the continent of Decius, many ideas took form. One of them was Corvus Septum.

This idea came from Chancellor Gavin, a high ranking officer of the Ilthor Kingdom, who enjoyed reading stories of heroes from ages past. Gavin felt this age would need a band of heroes to carry out secret missions in hopes of turning the tide back in their favor to win the war. King Venantius gave Gavin permission to commission this group and the Chancellor scoured the continent, looking for elite and special soldiers to undergo this task.

He has assembled his team and most of them gather in Centum Treyopolis to get their first mission.


Corvus Septum

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