Cottonwoods Trees

A hard-to-find tree that exists on one island in very few quantitites in the Styrc Isles. It had been discovered by Engineer Glinwhiz that the cotton from these trees can be developed into a canvas that is strong enough to contain hot air which he hopes to use on a future airship. Members of the United Pride were the first to go out and retrieve a small sample for him, some seven years ago.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word was asked by Engineer Glinwhiz to retrieve the branches from 20 trees from the island 20 miles to the north for the sum of 260 gold pieces. He had warned them that goblins and some sort of amphibious creature could also be found on the island.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word began their search for these trees in Prewth at the town of Oallhelm. There they helped they town deal with a goblin attack and from there Gnobert Tallhat (referred to them by Engineer Glinwhiz) was able to point out other locations for the trees on the island. The next stop was on the north side of the island where the United Pride had previously visited and retrieved branches for Glinwhiz. The last area was the Kuo Toa Caves on the west side of the island. After they were able to gather branches from 21 trees, they headed back to Geargrind Island for their reward.

Cottonwoods Trees

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