Council of Elders

The Council of Elders was formed on the suggestion of the Three Feathers when the Red Hawk Tribe retreated the Kainin Mountains and settled at the Great Bay and the village of Elon. The Council is formed of the wisest of the citizens who serve a lifetime term. New members are elected through the Council who pay special interest in what the people of Elon say.

Shortly after the Council was formed, Chief Reshk returned from his mission to buy enough time for the tribe to escape. Reshk gave his blessing to the Council to rule over the new settlement.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – After the discovery of the shipwreck and after Baron Sekolah approached the Council about the Open Water Agreement, the Council quickly turned their attention toward exploration. They commissioned the construction of the Chaytan and placed the Champions of Elon in charge of its maiden voyage.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – After the return of the Champions on Elon, news came from the Grey Fox Tribe that the Doombringer Orcs were on the march again, starting with seeking revenge from the Black Bear Clan in Nigrum-Ursus. The Council of Elders felt that Elon must join that battle to head off the orcs before they mow down each town in Brind-Amor.

Session #6 & 7 – They organized Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – They had to deal with a number of things. They helped the newly formed Brind-Amor Confederacy establish a base in Elon. The had to decide what to do about the news that the Razortooth Sahuagin destroyed a colony of aquatic elves (remained friends with them), and last they assisted in the building of both the United Pride and the Sea Word.

Session #8 (3rd Era) – The Council judged the results of the Tests of Reshk and gave out the following rewards:

Captain – Tallison Jaffe
Quartermaster – Harruq
Helmsman – Triton 714
Boatswain – Un’Goro
Master Gunner – William the Bloody

Session #12 (3rd Era) – It was the Council of Elders that decided that it would be best to shut down the Jayt Valley Pillar and the Skyland Pillar after the loss of the arcane researcher Tinesia. While investigating the pillar she noticed a new location pop up and teleported through. This other mysterious pillar no longer is on, and she has never been heard from again. The Council decided to only turn the Pillars on for a few minutes each day at noon and midnight. Those teleporting in must go through with their hands up, as a detail of guards are always waiting on the other side.

Council of Elders

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