Dead Gnoll Inn

The Dead Gnoll Inn sits in an area known as The Cave, a large cavern under the northern hill and city of Nigrum Ursus. It got its name from centuries ago when the Black Bear Clan first settled this area and eradicated a nest of gnolls that used the cave as a staging area to launch attacks throughout the Medgar Plains.

The Dead Gnoll inn is used by the locals who work on the docks and live in the Cave. Generally considered a meager establishment, the Dead Gnoll is actually at the center of trade as all merchants and shipments of goods pass through this area before being taken up to the marketplace above.


Session #3 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon encountered this place when they first arrived in Nigrum Ursus and they spent a rather expensive night in the common room. Captain Berend watched them for the evening and followed them the next day throughout town.

Dead Gnoll Inn

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