Decius Empire

Not a lot is known about the Decius Empire. The Galerius Brotherhood is located there and somehow in a leadership role. The Tempest Swarm pirates of the Styr c Isles may be taking orders from those in Decius. And from the first map the crew of the Sea Word acquired, it is about a week’s travel northeast of the Styrc Isles.

Today the Decius Empire is no more, and the land is known as the fractured states of Decius


Session #10 (3rd Era) – At about this time the crew of the Sea Word is starting to learn the Decius Empire controls the Tempest Swarm pirates. Also, Wilhik Rovelcast used to work for the empire as a researcher of Pillar technology.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word traveled to the Decius Empire after the Battle of Geargrind Island. They stopped in the town of Savarius and planned to help the Arethrion Elves escape from prison.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – The senior officers of the Sea Word were successful in helping break out the Arethrion Elves from execution the following morning. From here they sailed to Caromago Island where they would rendezvous with the Sea Word. Their last stop was at the town of Basti, where they learned of the eminent King of the Hill Tournament being held in Centum Treyopolis in a few days.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word fought aside their last comrades of the United Pride in the King of the Hill Tournament, escaped while the Arethrion Elves ambush took place. From here they sailed to their shipwreck site to recover some of their good, then to Gnosis Lake to aid the Lord of the Hunt.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word struck a blow to the Empire when they halted dragon egg production at the Cerioth Pillar Facility in northwestern Decius, and freed Kimerth and a handful of eggs from the place. From here they sailed for Scalaycium to find they were too late to save a handful of crewmen from the United Pride.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word saw first evidence of the Empire is out to get them as Chancellor Cassius caught up with them in Scalaycium with an arrest warrant on them from freeing the Arethrion Elves from Savarius. The senior officers of the Sea Word quickly dealt with them as well as the two warships. It is unknown at the moment if this was an isolated arrest that only Chancellor Cassius knew about, or if the entire Empire is alerted to them.

Transition from 3rd to 4th Era – As Emperor Gavenius fell in battle to Astriminar the Lich, so to do the Empire. The empire would be split up in five pieces with each struggling to carve our a niche in this new world, yet band together to protect themselves from the Aqium invasion.

Session #22 (4th Era) – Today, when people talk about Decius they refer to the continent, not the former empire.

Decius Empire

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