Divine Dermenian

As the spiritual leader of the Holy City of Southwatch, Divine Dermenian is the highest ranking priest in the land. Dermenian should great prowess as a youth and his conceptual understanding of the Sacred Writings of Ao, made him an ideal person to lead the temple. Dermenian aspires to one day rise to the rank of Quill where he would then be able to write about Ao and his own interpretations.


Session #4 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon came through the Holy City of Southwatch during their exploration of Brind-Amor in the 2nd Era. The met Divine Dermenian and Triton 714 and gained a little understanding about their way of life in this the southeastern most city in the land. Divine Dermenian explained how they came to be:

“We used to be a barbaric tribe from the mountain range far away. We stumbled through the darkness, eeking out a meager existence. We had no concept of self awareness, and certainly no real purpose in life. All of this changed when the First Divine led us here to the Holy Lands of Southwatch. It was here that our forefathers met the Emissary of Ao, known as Triton 714. He provided our people with the foundation of our beliefs, our core values, our very existence. The Sacred Writings of Ao were taken from his words. He is a messenger of Ao, provided by him to educate and assist our people towards enlightenment.”

As the Champions were leaving, Divine Dermenian thought it was no coincidence that led them here.

“We are sadden to hear of your departure. Our people do not venture from our borders often and I believe Ao brought you here for a reason, to spread the word. I would humbly ask that you allow Acolyte Gallus to join you as you make your return home. We would be happy to include copies of the Sacred Writings of Ao as a gift from our people to yours, in hopes that you too can find enlightenment as we have.”

Session #6 & 7 – They fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Divine Dermenian tried to spread the word of their religion around Brind-Amor with little success. The rest of the world had a difficult time accepting the tough demands of the Sacred Writings of Ao. At the least, they were able to put temples in Elon and Nigrum-Ursus.

Divine Dermenian

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