Dreq Marsh

The Dreq Marsh is just west of Anavio, which is currently the capital of the Alimlar Domain. Portions of the southern end of the marsh are much dryer that the rest and this is where the settlement of Hopewell Port lies.

The marsh is home to many creature, most notably bullywugs as well as a large contingent of lizardmen that are lead by Chief Shuuth. Rumors that descendants of Vinarthamath, who was rescued from a dragon hatchery by The Righteous back in the 3rd Era, lurk within the borders of this swamp but no confirmed sightings have been made. It also known that this is another rare region where Kilela Fruit grows.

With the exception of Hopewell Port and a narrow cobblestone road from it to Anavio, the people of the Alimlar Domain do not venture into the Dreq Marsh, leaving much of it a mystery.


Session #24 (4th Era) Corvus Septum arrived here in the town of Hopewell Port, met with Chief Shuuth of the lizardfolk and in turn met with Aventilar.

Dreq Marsh

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