Session #1.5 (1st to 2nd Era) – When the Three Feathers led the Red Hawk Tribe out of the Kainin Mountain, they traveled to the Great Bay in order to settle down and start a new way of life. When the Council of Elders came to power they helped establish the boundaries of the new village that would come to be known as Elon, named after the wife of Nargoth.


The tribe has already absorbed a handful of stragglers from other tribes and they also gained the respect of the local fishing settlements that dot he bay. With their town based on fishing, Elon grew slowly over the decades into its present state of a little over 2,000 inhabitants. In addition to Elon, which is located where the Amea River meets the Attlica Bay (renamed from the Great Bay), the Elonians also incorporate a fishing spot known as Leroso as well as the lighthouse called Hawk’s Perch. Due to an agreement with the Razortooth Sahuagin, the Elonians are not allowed to travel outside of Attlica Bay but they enjoy free reign over everything within it as well as being able to call upon the Sahuagin in times of need.

Every five years the community gathers to compete in feats of strength and to remember the past in an event called the Test of Reshk. Even the Sahuagin come ashore in great numbers to commemorate the time when the Three Feathers helped free their ancestors from the control of an evil sea hag.

Elon has only come under attack once in the past two hundred years when a small war band of Doombringer Orcs staged a seemingly joint operation with members of the Black Bear Clan who stole the sacred relic, the Staff of Kree-e-ar. Fortunately, members of the Spirit of the Hawk retook the Staff before it got very far.

Presently the village of Elon is home of the Council of Elders, the House of Scribes, as well as the Temple of Ao the Warrior.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – The people of Elon had been hard at work on the construction and deployment of the Chaytan, which will sail around Brind-Amor in a voyage of Exploration.


Session #5 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon returned home to Elon after sailing around Brind-Amor. Many artifacts known as the Skyland Objects were turned over to the House of Scribe, which led to technological advances. A few years later the Grey Fox Tribe arrived in Elon to inform them of the united Doomrbringer Orcs were advancing on Nigrum-Ursus.

Session #6 & 7 – The Elon Devout along with the Champions of Elon, set off to fight in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus, defeating the Doombringer Orcs.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Thanks to their role in the successful defense of Nigrum-Ursus, Elon became a thriving city boasting a population of over 40,000. Elon was also to be the site for the head of the Brind-Amor Confederacy, an organization that would bind the good natured people of Brind-Amor together.


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