Elon Devout

As the warrior class of the new settlement of Elon took shape, a new interest in Ao was born. These people were loyal and dedicated to the cause of Ao the Warrior and took it upon themselves to not only defend their home but to do so in a noble and good way as to impress the one god. These steadfast warriors came to be known as the Elon Devout.

Prospective warriors train and study in the Temple of Ao the Warrior in Elon where they undergo rigorous tests and pledge their allegiance to the church. When the time comes, they participate in the Test of Reshk and if they perform well, they are anointed with the title of Elon Devout. Those that do not pass the tests can try again in five years, though few do. Many that fail go off to seek out a life on their own away from the church.

The Elon Devout have several people that are born Blessed but not all are of that birth sign. Those that are blessed tend to rise quickly through the ranks of the Elon Devout.

The Elon Devout have rarely been tested in battle, the one major incursion they faced was the Doombringer Orcs about 20 years ago. They were a fierce but small force that attacked the village from the southwest to which the Elon Devout quickly replied to. The fighting was tense and fraught with danger but ended quickly. When the Elon Devout returned to Elon they were struck with tragic news. The Staff of Kree-e-ar was stolen.

It is widely assumed these two events were coordinated; the Doombringer Orcs were sent to draw attention away while the Black Bear Clan snuck into town and stole the most holy relic.

While the Elon Devout are strong and capable warriors, they did not specialize is overland travel and tracking. Here is the Spirit of the Hawk was called in and they were able to track down the Black Bear Clan thieves and retrieve the Staff.

As most breathed a sigh of relief, some members of the Elon Devout were angered. They were upset that another faction was called in to save the day and they were displeased that they were not prepared as well as they could have been. Some have called for the Elon Devout to through a wider net on the land, and perhaps not just remain on and near the Attlica Bay. Other oppose expansion, claiming that this is our home that we need to protect and besides, as a sea-faring people we cannot leave the bay per the agreement with the Razortooth Sahuagin.

Session #2 (2nd Era) – Lara of the Elon Devout won two events at the Tests of Reshk and was also named overall champions of the games. She was named to the Champions of Elon as they explored the world.

Session #6 & 7 – They fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The prominence of the Elon Devout grew during this time as more and more people moved to the city of Elon. Those who desired to serve, but perhaps not the harsh disciplines of the Temple of Ao, joined the Elon Devout. Their influence has grown so much that Six orcs of the Doombringer Orcs have joined their faction over the years and have served honorably.

Elon Devout

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