Elza Crinkletoes

One of a handful of bright, young minds within the city of Filbiklink, Elza specializes in ancient cultures, and she is one of a very few gnomes in all of Geargrind Island that believes that their is evidence of a culture that lived in the Styrc Isles thousands of years before.

Seven years ago when the United Pride was in port, she worked with their crew, sharing her theories and pointing out locations in the area where she believed this to be true. Recently she sailed to Ao’s Well to further study some ruins based on Ao the Warrior.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – As he research ship neared Ao’s Well, they were overtaken by the Soaring Winds and taken captive by its captain, Chaza, who planned to ransom her back to Geargrind Island. The Sea Word, seeking to speak with Elza, came to the rescue, killed Chaza and sunk the Soaring Winds, and saving Elza in the process.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – Elza was able to provide the Sea Word officers some information about the United Pride’s time in the Styrc Isles. She mentioned that she work with Captain Ravenclaw and Quartermaster Yi mostly. They were commissioned by Engineer Glinwhiz to gather various flora from around the island so that he may experiment with in hopes of building an airship. She also said that she took a tour with them around the islands for mapping purposes because of her extensive research in the area.

Last she talked about a troubled stop in Ston Cay where a Junior Officer, an elven wizard name Glynxidor, left the ship after he fell in love with a local there. Captain Ravenclaw reluctantly allowed him to leave which left the rest of the United Pride divided.

Elza Crinkletoes

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