Emerald Viper Clan

One of many human tribes that lived in and around the Jayt Valley during the 1st Era. Like the others, they were routed from their nomadic area when the Doombringer Orcs rallied together and marched forth, destroying everything in there way.

The Emerald Vipers headed south after fleeing the Kainin Mountains and founded the village of Sahjar in the northwest corner of the Aradash Desert near a fresh water river they called Serpent River. They felt safe as they doubted the orcs would make the dangerous trek through the desert that they did.

It wasn’t long after they settled here that they came across what would later come to be known as the Mausoleum of Merrshaulk. A spirit naga who lived in these underground ruins for sometime, she quickly took over control of the snake-based culture and forced them to worship her.

She wanted to transform them into more suitable soldiers to carry out her plan so she had them gather the necessary things needed to help facilitate that. Once that was finally done, she began the transformation. But this took a great deal of fresh human sacrifices, so they began abducting individuals who came to Sahjar. If an adventuring party arrived they would plead with them to help with some disaster in the mausoleum and Merrshaulk, and her newly created Yuan-Ti, would take care of them.


Session #5 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon landed here towards the end of the 2nd Era and were greeted by Addar Karai. He gave them the typical lie, that the mausoleum was overrun with undead (which were always kept in side rooms) and orcs (who were recently captured), and asked if they could help. The Champions did but they were severely underestimated. The Champions defeated Merrshaulk and her yuan-ti followers in the bottom level of the Mausoleum before turning their attention to the other warriors on the surface. Those that did not flee into the mountains or desert were killed.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Remnants of the Emerald Vipers banded together and were finally no longer under the control of Merrshaulk. They swore revenge on their captor and swore vengeance against her, becoming the Emerald Circle. They were unsuccessful in direct attacks, but they had some success against the Followers of the Scourge who now serve Merrshaulk.

Emerald Viper Clan

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