Emperor Bay

Emperor Bay is at the heart of the Decius Empire, and is constantly full of ships and boats traveling to and from the various cities. The capitol of Centum Treyolpolis is center of commerce in this region, and other cities on Emperor Bay include Matrica, Zela, Ad Rhenum, and Basti which is located on an island at the mouth of the bay.


Session #13 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word reached Emperor Bay when they dropped off the Arethrion Elves near the town of Basti. Here they heard about the King of the Hill Tournament in Centum Treyopolis in a few days.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – After fighting in the King of the Hill Tournament, and freeing Captain Ravenclaw and Quartermaster Yi from it, the Sea Word sailed back through Emperor Bay on their way to western Decius to recover goods from the shipwreck of the United Pride.

Emperor Bay

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