Engineer Glinwhiz

One of the top engineers in the city of Filbilklink on Geargrind Island, Engineer Glinwhiz has been working on an airship for some time. Crew members of the United Pride, seven years ago, were able to provide him with some sample materials from Cottonwood trees from a nearby island that he believes will be able to make the canvas to hold the hot air for his airship.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – While members of the Sea Word crew were visiting with the Master Tinker, Glinwhiz approached them about securing a large amount of the cottonwood branches for his efforts. The two sides negotiated a price of 260 gold pieces for the return of the branches from twenty trees. Glinwhiz warned them about goblins and an unknown amphibious race of creatures on Prewth Island.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – Engineer Glinwhiz told the Sea Word to look for Gnorbert Tallhat in Oallhelm, a gnome and owner of Tallhat Alchemy, as someone who could help them find cottonwood trees on Prewth Island.

Engineer Glinwhiz

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