Field Notes of Vadix Aquillius

A very strange book that was found by the Champions of Elon during their brief visit to the small town in Skyland.


Session #5 (2nd Era) – As the Followers of the Scourge were fighting the Ancient Believers near the Skyland Pillar, the Champions of Elon quickly searched through the houses while Skyland was still on the ground. This was one of many great findings; a very old journal with this inscription inside the front cover:

Vadix Aquillius Field Journal: An account of exploration of the known 43 land masses of the World of Uthos, made between the years X449 and X464 by the Royal Explorer, Vadix Aquillius of the Decius Empire.

The field journal appears to have been used by Vadix during his exploration of the world and gives hints as to what might be out there. The House of Scribe poured over it and found maps, diagrams, spells, language, warnings, locations, weapons, empires, races, pillars and much more. They even mention of Kilela Fruit, which is only native to Brind-Amor. The House of Scribe turned it over to the officers of the Sea Word in hopes that it would help them solve the mystery of the fate of the United Pride.

Session #8 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word was given a copy of this book as they set sail into the Great Sea in Year 26 of the Red Comet.

Session #10 (3rd Era) – The field journal came in handy twice. The first was the realization that the layout of the Tempest Swarm pirate base on Jagged Isle was depicted in the book.


The second part was used by Triton 714 as he was able to translate a message sent from the Galerius Brotherhood to Kaithor Blacksail that was written in Dethek.


Field Notes of Vadix Aquillius

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