The capital of the gnomish city on Geargrind Island, Filbilink is most known for its canopy that encloses the “C” shaped island and protects the bay from the Tempest Swarm pirates known to sail these waters around the Styrc Isles. Filbiklink is where almost all of the production and work done by the gnomes is done, under the watchful eye of the Master Tinker. Because of this, the constant noise of gears and pulleys grinding against each other is almost maddening to an outsider.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word was given permission to sail into the bay and stop over in Filbiklink and they were shortly after hired by the Master Tinker to act of their behalf as they were given a Letter of Marque. They also learned that the United Pride stopped by here seven years prior.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word returned to the docks of Filbiklink for repairs after their first sea battle against the Soaring Waves. They met with the Master Tinker, who rewarded them with one swivel blaster and got some more information from Engineer Glinwhiz before departing for Prewth Island.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Battle of Geargrind Island took place just outside of the canopy protecting Filbiklink. The Sea Word (along with rumors of the Ironclad) saved the day by pushing the Tempest Swarm ships (Thundering Waves, The Blacksails, and rumored, the Golden Guns) toward the canopy where the gnomes could fire the swivel cannons. The Sea Word would go on to sink the Thundering Waves and capture the Blacksails.


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