Free States of Ramicus

Recently known as Northern Decius, as Emperor Gavenius had plans to conquer it and incorporate it into the Decius Empire. But the defiance of the Arethrion Elves and the eventual start of the Great War prevented that from ever happening.

When the Empire crumbled and became the fractured states of Decius, the inhabitants of this northern land saw an opportunity for autonomy. They returned the original name of Ramicus for this continent. Ramicus was welcoming to all races and factions of people and several towns relocated to the north.

The most well known of the free states are the Arethrion Elves, led by the new Snow Queen. But the countryside is dotted with settlements and towns that are not of the elven people, nor of the Dhirnamor Dwarves (who are part of the Nosiriath Realm).

The Free States were officially recognized by the other fractured states after Aqium invaded and conquered the Kingdom of Dolaneg. The remaining powers wanted all the allies they could get and appeased their northern cousins to join.


Free States of Ramicus

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