Galadinthar Forest

The largest forest in Brind-Amor, the Galadinthar Forest is located just southeast of the Kainin Mountains and is named after the elves that inhabit the area. While the Red Hawks passed on this location to move the tribe to, the Eagle’s Talons did migrate her from the Kainin Mountains and have settled down in a town called Rothia.


Session #1 (1st Era) – The Three Feathers initially decided to move the Red Hawk Tribe to the Galadinthar Forest but later changed their minds and moved to the Great Bay.

Session #4 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon heard the magical song of Selussa Alealyth and were draw to the Galadinthar Forest as they sailed by. She asked for their help in rescuing Her lover Takkar from the green dragons known as Tiemeth and Mersoth. The Champions, along with help from the Galadinthar Elves, were able to prevail over the dragons and reunited Takker and Selussa.


Galadinthar Forest

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